Fantasy Poker Scoring

To win the free fantasy poker game, your team will need to score points in the Fatty’s Fantasy Poker Challenge Game brought to you by Fantazzle. Your players earn cash throughout the World Series of Poker Main Event tournament as they proceed and survive each day. The cash your fantasy poker players earn is then added to your team’s total and is used to rank the best overall fantasy poker team. The fantasy poker team with the most cash winnings at the end of the game will be the grand prize winner winning a seat to the 2011 WSOP Main Event. If you don’t win the grand prize, don’t worry there are plenty more poker prizes available.

And be sure to watch your entire fantasy poker team play as your chosen fantasy poker players take to the tables in the WSOP Main Event this July as they do their best to win you a seat right next to them in 2011!

How to Play Register Play Now Prizes Standings

Note – Standings will be updated as quick as possible as soon as the FINAL results are in for the day.

There are two ways to earn fantasy poker cash:

  • For each day your player survives, you earn fantasy cash for the last day he or she survived (up until they reach the money, at which time bonus cash is awarded as they proceed up the rankings).
  • If your player cashes in the World Series of Poker Main Event, your fantasy team earns the same amount of cash for your team (minimum of $20,000).

BONUS SCORING – FATTY’S POKER PLAYERS EARN DOUBLE DOLLARS! Make sure to pick your Fatty’s Five and your Fatty’s All Star players carefully. Read their bios and stat sheets and root for your Fatty’s selections.

Fantasy Poker Points for Surviving

Survive Day 1 – $5,000

Survive Day 2 – $10,000

Survive Day 3 – $15,000

Survive Day 4 – $20,000 (Players on Day 4 who do not make the money, receive this amount. Players who make the money and survive receive the amount they take home from cashing with a minimum of $20,000).

Day 5 and on – In the money; Players earn the amount the players earn for cashing. Given the number of entries isn’t announced until the end of Day 1 (A, B, C, and D), we do not know the exact amount players will earn for cashing, but we will score your players with the amount they received in winnings. Since we do not know the number of entries, players who make it in the money will AT LEAST receive $20,000 per pick.

The only fantasy players who do not receive fantasy poker cash are those that are eliminated in Day 1 (which is generally 33-50% of the participants). All the rest will either earn fantasy cash for surviving past day 1 OR for proceeding to subsequent days up to cashing in the poker tournament to receive bonus points.

NOTE – Your players DO NOT earn both. Players only earn the highest amount they could before they were eliminated.

Ex 1 – Your player survives Day 1 and 2, but is eliminated in Day 3. He/She earns $10,000.

Ex 2 – Your player survives Day 1, 2, and 3, but is eliminated BEFORE making the money on Day 4. He/She earns $20,000

Ex 3 – Your player is in the money. They are eliminated in 500th place. 500th place pays out $32,200. Your player earns $32,200

REMEMBER – Your two Fatty’s Poker players earn double the amount.

In the examples above, a Fatty’s player would earn $20,000, $40,000 and $64,400, respectively.

Fantasy Poker Game Tie-breakers

If one or more contestants are tied at the end of the fantasy game, the following tie-breakers will be used to determine a winner.

1. Whoever has the highest scoring Fatty’s poker player will determine the tie (ex – your Fatty’s players have more fantasy cash than the tied player, you will be the winner.)

2. The team that had the player who went the FARTHEST in the WSOP, will determine the tie (ex – your team had a player that finished 4th in the WSOP and a tied opponent had a player that finished 7th, you will be the winner).

3. If there is still a tie, a online head ups tournament will be set up on an approved poker site and the winner of the heads up tournament will determine the tie. If players are not available to play, then a drawing will take place to determine the winner.


Fantazzle, along with Fatty’s Poker, is pleased to present a prize package worth more than $12,000 for the winners of the free Fantasy Poker Challenge game. All contestants in the fantasy poker game are playing for a chance to win a $10,000 entry fee into the World Series of Poker Main Event in July 2011. But the prize list isn’t limited to one grand prize seat. It also includes numerous VIP packages, the chance to appear on the Fatty’s Poker reality show and more.

In total there are prizes available for more than 20 contestants, and remember it’s free to enter!

So play this unique, one-of-a-kind fantasy poker game and review all the prizes Fantazzle has to offer below and sign up to play in our free, fantasy poker challenge game today.

How to Play Register Play Now Scoring Standings

Note – Standings will be updated as quick as possible as soon as the FINAL results are in for the day.

Fantasy Poker Game Prizes

Play in our free fantasy poker game for great prizes. Create an account (only ONE please!) and play in the free Fatty’s Fantasy Poker Challenge Game and you automatically become eligible to win a 2011 WSOP Main Event entry along with the other great prizes below!

1st Place Grand Prize Winner – $10,000 Entry Fee into the 2011 WSOP Main Event. Grand Prize Winner also receives one of three Fatty’s VIP Poker packages *

2nd Place – $1,500 Entry Fee into a WSOP event in 2011, plus a VIP Fatty’s Poker package*

3rd Place – $1,000 Entry fee into a WSOP event in 2011, plus a VIP Fatty’s Poker package*

4th to 10th Place – Entry into the Fatty’s Final Table Fantasy Challenge, plus an appearance on the Fatty’s Reality Show: Where Poker Gets Real. Those winners, (4th-10th) and each day’s point winner are entered into a private tourney (most likely done online), with a chance to win $500

11th to 20th Place – Fatty’s Poker T-Shirt, hat and a private invitation to Fatty’s to meet the players on the set of filming.

Top Points for the Day Winners (starting on Day 5) – Entry into the Fatty’s Final Table Fantasy Challenge, plus an appearance on the Fatty’s Reality Show: Where Poker Gets Real

*VIP Fatty’s Poker package includes a Fatty’s VIP Membership Card, an invite to the club during filming of the Fatty’s Reality Show and an appearance at a feature table on the show.

  • Those 17 or younger are ineligible to play (this is a Fantazzle website fantasy game rule)
  • Those who will not be 21 prior to the 2011 WSOP Main Event will be given an alternate prize with equal value of the WSOP seat won.
  • Those 21 years or older will be given the WSOP seat and must participate in the event to accept the prize. Cash WILL NOT be given as a prize. Winners who do not participate in the WSOP seat they won, will be forfeiting their prize. Winners of the WSOP seats will be required to wear sponsor clothing and patches at the discretion of Fatty’s Poker.

ALL Prizes are guaranteed by Fatty’s Poker. Fatty’s Poker is responsible for all prizes to be paid to the winners of the game.

How to Play Fantasy Poker

The free Fatty’s Fantasy Poker Challenge Game brought to you by Fantazzle brings two of America’s favorite pastimes together – poker and fantasy games. Fantazzle Games has taken the lineup and scoring basics of all fantasy sports games and applied them to the contestants in the 2010 WSOP Main Event to create this free fantasy poker game for all the poker fans in the world.

This unique, free fantasy poker game requires you to choose two Fatty’s players to add to a starting lineup assembled from pre-determined groups of poker professionals. The groups are broken down into categories such as past WSOP winners, domestic poker pros, online poker pros and international poker pros. The Fatty’s players will earn double points for their fantasy owners based on their respective finishes in the Words Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

The fantasy poker game will award more than $12,000 in prizes including an entry fee to the 2011 WSOP Main Event for the winner!

Prizes Register Play Now Scoring Standings

Fantazzle would like to congratulate the winners of the Fatty’s Free Fantasy Poker Challenge. BlindBond has taken home the $10,000 seat to the 2011 Main Event as two of his selections, Johnny Lodden and William Thorson each cashed out with $317, 161. Djingis takes home second place and cata49 has earned third place. In all, the top 20 in points will all receive prizes from Fatty’s Poker. Congratulations to all the winners and stay tuned for the “November Nine” fantasy poker challenge.

Fantasy Poker Game Lineup

Playing the fantasy poker game is very easy. Choose ten poker players from ten pre-determined player pools in the game until your fantasy lineup looks like this:

1 “Fatty’s Five” Player (tournament winners)
1 Fatty’s All Star Player
3 Poker Pros or Amateurs (general)
1 Past WSOP Winner
2 Female Poker Pros
1 Online Poker Pro
1 International Poker Pro

Double Points for Fatty’s Players

Who are the Fatty’s Players? They’re ten guys who play poker regularly at Fatty’s Poker, a New York poker club. Their pictures have been placed at the top of the selection screen and you can wave your cursor over them to learn more about their playing styles.

Both of your Fatty’s selections will earn double points for their finishes in the 2010 WSOP Main Event, so it’s important you select the right Fatty’s player. You can do even more to learn about these ten poker players who will headline your team by visiting Fatty’s Poker and watching their poker-based reality show that will give you an in-depth look at each of these players as they play in tournaments leading up to the WSOP Main Event.

In addition to your two Fatty’s players you will then select eight more players from the five other groups consisting of the world’s most famous poker players.

You can also write in your own entries. If you don’t see your favorite poker player listed, you can write in your selection into any spot, but it must be spelled correctly for you to earn points.

Go here to see the Fantasy Poker Scoring

Fantasy Poker Game Details

To win the Fatty’s Fantasy Poker Challenge Game, your team of ten fantasy poker players must outscore all the other fantasy poker teams in the contest. Just like the WSOP, if you’re the last man or woman standing, you are the winner and you take home the grand prize, a seat in the next years Main Event.

Please note the following details for this game:

  • You may only select a poker player once. If you select the same player twice, they will not be counted twice so you would automatically lose a valuable entry.
  • If you use the fill-in function, you MUST spell the player’s name correctly to receive points. If we cannot determine the correct name, your player will not earn fantasy cash. Fantazzle and Fatty’s Poker retain the sole discretion to make this determination in awarding prizes.
  • The “Fatty’s Five” and the “Fatty’s All Star” players you pick will receive double fantasy cash for each round, so study these players carefully.
  • If your player does not play in the World Series of Poker Main Event, you will receive no fantasy cash for that pick. The players in the player pool are NOT guaranteed to be participants in the WSOP (they most likely will play, but there are no guarantees, so we suggest you do a little research to verify this on different sites including player blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, etc).
  • You may modify your lineup anytime before the Main Event starts on July 5th at 3 pm EST.
  • Only one entry allowed per person. Anyone found with more than one account will have ALL entries disqualified and their accounts closed. This is at the sole discretion of Fantazzle Fantasy Games and Fatty’s Poker.
  • Fantasy cash has no value. Fantasy cash is used only as a point system to help determine the winners of the fantasy poker game to award prizes. Prizes may be added as additional sponsors join our game so come back frequently to check our updates!
  • If you are eliminated, there will be a second chance prize pool for correctly putting in order the finish of the November Nine, so stay tuned. More to come and lots of fun fantasy prizes.

Be the first to play fantasy poker free this year at Fantazzle Fantasy Games in conjunction with Fatty’s Poker: Where Poker Gets Real. This is just the first of many fantasy poker games to come!