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Welcome to Fantazzle Fantasy Sports thought leadership section. With the explosion of fantasy football’s popularity and the continuing rise in popularity of fantasy baseball and other fantasy sports games, Fantazzle understands that the fantasy sports industry has fast become a complex industry with many different product offerings from cutting edge content to specialized weekly fantasy games.


The entire fantasy sports industry often gets lumped together under one roof by the media and as such Fantazzle aims to be a resource that all the divergent industries and interests within the fantasy community turn to for guidance. We aim to build an entire suite of thought leadership papers spanning the entire spectrum of the fantasy sports industry that will support the industry from the inside out, and will inform the media and the public about fantasy sports gaming in the 21st century.


White Papers

Below is a sample of this white paper. To download Fantazzle’s white paper entitled FANTASY FOOTBALL IS NOT A WORKPLACE DISTRACTION please fill out this form:

Click here to download the full PDF.

You can read a summary of Fantasy Football Is Not a Workplace Distraction below.


Fantasy Football has become a cultural phenomenon in the last decade, but the rise of fantasy football has been accompanied by questions concerning its effects on the workplace, the home, society at large and the economy.

During the last few years numerous research articles have all attempted to quantify the economic effects–both positive and negative–of fantasy football. Various reports have estimated that fantasy football is a boon to the U.S. economy of more than $4 billion. But conflicting reports have suggested that the distraction it causes in the workplace could cost businesses and the economy more than $10.5 billion annually. So which is the truth?

Fantazzle, through its commitment to thought leadership in the fantasy sports industry, has collected all the contradictory and competing information put forth by journalists, researchers and consulting firms over the last five years to perform a comprehensive review of the veracity of the conflicting reports. Fantazzle made every effort to definitively conclude whether or not fantasy football actually constitutes a distraction in the workplace and a drag on the U.S. economy. After combining economic statistics with numerous surveys and even some neuroscientific research, Fantazzle was able to conclude that fantasy football has never been a drag on workplace productivity nor a drag on the economy and, in fact, might directly assist both firms and the economy.

Due to the assembled facts, Fantazzle stands by its concluding recommendation that if a company is in search of greater productivity then management should strive to foster a trusting environment free of Big Brother-like overseers. Our white paper concludes that company-wide bans on fantasy football sites should be discouraged and that companies should trust company managers to use discretionary judgment as to why any individual worker’s productivity has suffered. But more than that, continuing research is beginning to show that fantasy football encourages office camaraderie which means that fantasy football should be considered as a viable supplement or replacement to other human resources-themed team-building activities.

Firms that follow these guidelines are likely to experience an uptick in employee productivity, while those that continue to put stock in earlier, false reports claiming fantasy football is a drag on employee productivity will likely cost themselves the very productivity they’re trying to save.

To download Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Game’s full white paper Fantasy Football is Not a Workplace Distraction please fill in the form above.

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is a fantasy sports promotion that gives players bonus cash on top of the cash prize for winning a game. Best of all, there is no extra cost or registration to qualify. All you have to do is play a Pick’em game in any sport like you normally would and if you pick a perfect fantasy team you win bonus cash up to $1,000 PLUS the game’s cash prize of course! Our Pick’em game is an innovative twist on daily fantasy games not available anywhere else and the Perfect Pick’em Promo is another free cash promo brought to you by Fantazzle.

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The Perfect Pick’em Promotion – How to Play

Playing The Perfect Pick’em Game is the same as playing any Pick’em fantasy game. You select your fantasy team by selecting a player from each matchup that you believe will score more fantasy points than the other player (example – Roy Halladay vs. Jamie Moyer). Your final roster will consist of one player from every matchup created (there are usually around 12 matchups). If you choose the right player from every matchup, you have created a Perfect Pick’em and are eligible to win part of the $1,000 in bonus cash (there are four $250 individual prizes throughout the contest). Make sure you stay up to date through email and the Fantazzle Fantasy Sports blog for any additions to the promotion.


The Perfect Pick’em Promotion Prizes

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is an ongoing promotion where the following fantasy sports are eligible – Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Racing, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Football. If we decide to include The Perfect Pick’em Promotion for any other sports or special game types, it will be noted. The Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Blog will be the place with the best fantasy promo information for any additions or modifications for promos. $1,000 in cash prizes will be awarded where the first four people who achieve The Perfect Pick’em (see FAQ below) are awarded $250 each in bonus cash. If the last $250 prize is awarded on a day where there are multiple entries that achieve The Perfect Pick’em then prizes will be split.


The Perfect Pick’em Promotion FAQ

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is meant to award the players who not only play our pick’em games but are the best of the best when it comes to the pick’em game type. Please make sure that you follow these guidelines and requirements:

  • In order to win a Perfect Pick’em bonus you must play a Pick’em game with an entry fee of $5.50 or higher.
  • You must get all selections correct; if a matchup ends in a tie, the promo will be voided (of course winners still receive cash prizes if they win their league).
  • If there are two or more matchups with a player that has been scratched, injured or does not play (benched for any reason), the promo is voided (again, winners still receive cash prizes if they win).
  • You must have made a deposit on Fantazzle to be eligible. You may enter with FanStock or bonus cash and still be eligible as long as a past deposit was made.
  • There will be four prizes awarded in $250 increments. If there is a tie, prizes will be split up accordingly. The promo could end in a week or in a year. It all depends on when there are four qualified entries who have a Perfect Pick’em team.
  • All prizes are awarded in FanStock and are subject to our promotional rules and requirements.
  • Only one prize can be won per person in each individual game; If you play more than one entry only one will be awarded as a Perfect Pick’em within that game.

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Additional Information for Fantasy Sports Promotions

For additional questions on The Perfect Pick’em game, visit our FAQ page or feel free to please send us an email.

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Refer Friends for Cash

Referring friends is another easy way to earn FanStock! Fantazzle gives you the opportunity to refer your friends to play our fantasy sports games. For every friend you refer, you can earn up to $11 per person.

FanStock is a member loyalty reward program for our fantasy players. The more you interact on Fantazzle, the more points you receive. Use FanStock points to play entry fee games for free and win cash prizes. FanStock can be used for all of our fantasy sports games – fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, fantasy racing, fantasy hockey, and fantasy golf games.

Every friend referral:

$1 – friend creates account, confirms email, and plays at least one game
$10 – all of the above and makes a deposit of $20 or more.

Friend Referrals

Fantazzle makes it easy to refer friends and earn FanStock points. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer. Help Fantazzle by spreading the word about our unique daily and weekly fantasy sports games. FanStock gives you the opportunity to play cash games for free. The more friends you refer, the more FanStock you will receive.


Spreading the Word

Go to your account page and go to the “Refer Friend” tab to start referring friends. We make it as easy as possible and there are several automated tools you can use to refer your friends.


Unique URL

It all starts with your unique URL. Every user has their own link that you use to refer friends. Go to your Account -> Refer Friends page and you will find your link.


You can copy and paste this link and use it any way you would like. If someone clicks this link and creates an account, you receive FanStock.


Twitter and Facebook

On your ‘Refer Friends’ page, you will see a button for Facebook and Twitter like this:


By clicking these links, it brings up a new browser window that has a message all ready to go for you to send out. Just click submit and it will update your account. You can modify the message if you’d like, but make sure that your unique URL is not modified. You will need that to receive credit for your friend. If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account…well you can create one or use our other tools if it ain’t your thing.


Plaxo Tool

Plaxo allows you to login to your email provider and select contacts you would like to send your unique URL to.


You can send to all your contacts or only the ones you want. Again, this is automated so we have a message all ready to go. Feel free to modify as you see fit.


Email Tool

If Plaxo does not have your email provider or you prefer to manually enter email addresses, you can use this handy dandy tool:


Enter email addresses of your friends and it will send an email with your unique URL.



It doesn’t get much easier than this. We make it as easy as possible for you to get your friends to Fantazzle. To show our appreciation for helping us build our site, we reward you and your friends with FanStock so you can play free games. Fantazzle thanks you for helping us grow.

Please note:

  • You are only allowed 2 referrals per household. Additional household members will not be eligible to earn FanStock.
  • If you manipulate the referral program, you will lose all FanStock you have earned (ALL FanStock, even shares earned for other activities) and you account can be closed.
  • There are NO LIMITS to the amount of friends you refer (please note specific promotion limits if applicable).
  • Your friend referral MUST activate their email before you are able to use your FanStock. The FanStock will appear in your account, but you will not be able to use shares that are from referrals of friends that have not confirmed their email.
  • You can confirm your email by going into your account and clicking the activate email button (this is in your
    Account —> Overview, Email, and My Promos tabs). An email will be sent to you with a link that you need to click to verify the email.
  • In order to know if which friends have joined/not joined Fantazzle and confirmed/did not confirm their email, go to your Account –> History page.

For more information on friend referrals and FanStock please send us an email.

FanStock Promotions

FanStock is Fantazzle’s unique fantasy sports loyalty-reward program. Earn free fantasy game entries and win cash prizes playing at Fantazzle using your FanStock shares. You can use FanStock to enter in any of our fantasy sports games for free. Fantazzle offers fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy racing, fantasy golf, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey.

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Earning FanStock is easy. All you have to do is participate at Fantazzle like you normally do and you get rewarded! You can use FanStock shares to play free fantasy games.

Earning FanStock

Wherever you see a -, click on it to earn FanStock shares. Visit your Account -> My Promos page for a customized list of opportunities and history of earnings. Simply put, earn FanStock and use it as cash to play games. Here is a list of some of the ways to earn FanStock.


Account Creation

  • 200 shares for creating an account
  • Update your profile and upload an image to earn more shares.


Visit our Website

How much easier can it get? Every day you visit our website, you get 10 points. You have to spend some time on it to qualify, but you’ll figure it out. Make sure you login! A day is from 12:00am ET to 11:59pm ET.


Personalize Your Account

Receive FanStock points for personalizing your account. Here are some of the opportunities that are available:

  • Upload an image – 50 FanStock points
  • Fill out About Me – 50 FanStock points
  • Fill out Favorite Sports – 50 FanStock points
  • Fill out Name/City, State – 50 FanStock points

Make sure you visit your Account -> My Promos page for all the opportunities available to you. If you have already done these actions, you will still receive credit by updating any changes.


When you make cash deposits, you receive FanStock. The more you deposit, the better ‘Return on Investment’. You can use PayPal or any major credit card to receive FanStock.

First Deposit Amount FanStock Points Maximum Bonus Amount
$300 to $800 $75 to $200 in cash 25% of deposit
$200 to $299 50,000 – $50 in cash 25% (best value)
$100 to $199 17,000 – $17 in cash 17% (better value)
$50 to $99 5,000 – $5 in cash 10%
$20 to $49 1,000 5%
$10 to $19 0 0%

Make a Deposit and Play Games!

If you created an account, personalized your account (less than 3 min), visited our blog and signed up for Fantazzle’s Twitter and Facebook, made at least a $200 deposit, referred one friend, and play two games that are $50 or more, you just earned over $50.



For every friend that creates an account, you earn FanStock points and so will your friend. The more friends you refer, the more points you receive. In addition, if your friend makes a deposit, you receive more points. Earn up to 11,000 FanStock points per friend with no limit.

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We have made referring friends as easy as possible. On the Account –> “Refer Friend” tab, we provide tools to automate friend referrals. In addition, each user has their own unique URL to refer friends. You can copy and paste your URL and use it any way you like.

  • Friend creates an account – 1,000 FanStock
  • Friend makes a deposit – 10,000 FanStock

Play Games

Play in entry fee games and you receive FanStock. Do what you normally do – play games! No additional action required. The bigger the entry fee, the more points you receive.

Entry Fee Amount FanStock Points
$0 to $9 0
$10 to $19 20
$20 to $49 50
$50 to $99 100
$100 and up 200


Signing up for Fantazzle Social Media Accounts

Want more ways to earn FanStock? We got ’em! Stay up to date with Fantazzle’s social media profiles and earn points. Take a look at the most up to date opportunities on your Account -> My Promos page.

(Note: If you have signed up in the past for the items above, you can still get points. Just click the link in your account and receive the points. Please do this soon as this offer will expire soon.)


Opportunities to Come

We’re not done yet! We will add new opportunities all the time. The best way to keep up is to login to your account and go to the My Promos tab. You’ll see all the ways to earn additional FanStock points along with completed items. You can also learn of different opportunities by reading the Fantazzle Blog, receiving notices from Fantazzle’s social media accounts like Facebook, and by reading emails we send you. Don’t worry about the amount of emails. We keep the frequency down so that the updates you do receive are worth reading.


Other Interactions

  • Visit our web banners
  • Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter
  • Read our Fantazzle Blog

Everyday you visit Fantazzle, and for every game you enter, you earn more shares.


Spending FanStock

Once you start earning shares, you can spend them in the following ways:


  • 5,000 shares = $5 entry fee in any of our games.
  • 10,000 shares = $10 entry fee
  • 20,000 shares = $20 entry fee

Fantazzle will create different opportunities in the future to earn even more shares!

Register for a game like normal, but select the ‘Use FanStock’ box to enter the game for free. The system will deduct FanStock instead of cash.


Voting Shares

Fantazzle will hold shareholder votes several times a year. When we hold votes, you can use your Lifetime FanStock shares to share your opinion. The more shares you have, the more votes you have! The amount of LIFETIME shares will be the amount of votes we count for your opinion. Just like a real stockholder’s meeting. If you spend your FanStock on games, don’t worry, your Lifetime FanStock shares will never decrease.



Here are some additional details for FanStock:

  • FanStock cannot be withdrawn and can only be used on the website.
  • When you use FanStock for your entry fee, you receive cash prizes if you win to play in future games.
  • Your current FanStock balance, if unused, will expire one year and one month from the day you received the shares. This is done in order to decrease the number of shares outstanding and not being used. We believe giving you over one year to use your shares is reasonable.
  • During voting, any unused shares will not be counted towards the vote and only those who used their shares will count.
  • When a vote is complete, Fantazzle will release the results to the public and show the percentage that the vote passed by.
  • FanStock cannot be transferred to other members and other members cannot give proxy rights to other members for their vote.
  • If you withdraw prior to earning your FanStock promotion, the promotion and FanStock is forfeited (if FanStock was already released and used, we will debit accordingly prior to a withdraw)
  • Deposit bonuses have a rollover requirement that must be met before the FanStock is released. You can see this info in your Account – Cashier section

If you have any additional questions on FanStock, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Fantasy Games Promotions

Fantazzle has many exciting fantasy game promotions for our players including free games with cash prizes and a loyalty reward program. We offer fantasy sports promotions for all of our sports: fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, fantasy racing, fantasy hockey and fantasy basketball. Our loyalty reward program uses FanStock that works similar to a frequent flyer program.

Earn free cash by interacting with the site like you normally would such as creating an account, making a cash deposit, referring friends and playing our fantasy games. Visit our website every day to earn FanStock points. (Literally, you get points for stopping by every day).

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Current Promotions

Fantazzle has quickly got a reputation for having the most ongoing fantasy game promotions AND limited time fantasy promotions in the daily fantasy game industry. The best way to stay up to date about the latest fantasy game promos are to check out the daily fantasy game promotions page along with other pages in the “Game Promotions” section. In addition, quickly scan our weekly marketing emails, subscribe to our fantasy games blog and social medial tools like our Facebook Fantasy Sports Games profile and Twitter Daily Fantasy Sports tweets. You will not want to miss out on our special daily fantasy game promotion codes and promotions for free fantasy games awarding cash prizes!


Deposit Bonus Free Cash

To add a little incentive to try our entry fee games, Fantazzle is giving away up to $200 in FREE CASH when you make your first deposit. Make a deposit using PayPal or any major credit card in our SECURE and BEST IN CLASS THIRD PARTY SOTWARE CASHIER and we will add free cash to your account. Just think – you will already be a winner whether you win or lose your first games! You can lose up to $200 and still break even! AND that’s only if you lose. If you win, well you keep your free cash bonus PLUS the cash prizes you won! For more info on our deposit bonus, please go to our fantasy games signup bonus page – no daily fantasy game promo code is necessary for our signup bonus.


The Perfect Pick’em Promotion

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is a daily fantasy game promotion that gives away free cash to the winners of our Daily Fantasy Sports Pick’em Games. There is nothing special you have to do and no signup necessary to participate. Simply play any of our Pick’em games in any fantasy sport and if you make perfect picks, you’ll not only win the game’s cash prize, but bonus cash from this ongoing daily fantasy game promotion. For more info on this game-within-a-game promotion see the Perfect Pick’em Promotion page.


FanStock Promotions

Fantazzle rewards our members every time they come to the site by giving them FanStock points. FanStock is a loyalty reward program which lets members use their points to enter all of our fantasy sports games, including cash games for free.

Make sure you check out special web pages in the Promotions navigation for current promotions and also keep an eye on your email and Fantazzle’s Facebook andTwitter accounts.


You can check it all out in our October Fantasy Promotions page.


Earning FanStock

Wherever you see a – , that means there is an opportunity to earn FanStock points.

Fantazzle rewards our fantasy players in a unique way that no other website offers. Earn points just by visiting the site every day. The more interactive you are, the more you earn.

Some of the ways you can earn FanStock are updating your profile, making a deposit, referring friends, playing fantasy games and more.

For more ways to earn FanStock, see our FanStock page.


FanStock Voting

Each share of FanStock you have earned (lifetime shares) is equal to one vote for our shareholder meeting. The more FanStock you earn, the more votes you hold!

This benefit helps create a close community at Fantazzle where our loyal players are able to help shape our fantasy game site. We’ll run the day to day operations, but let our players help shape our games, interface, content and other areas that will make Fantazzle the leading company in weekly fantasy sports skill games!

For more information on earning FanStock shares, see our FanStock page.


Past Promotions

The March Madness Fantasy Basketball Bracket Game Presented by Steiner Sports – The March Madness Bracket Game gave away over $3,000 in prizes and was a one-of-kind bracket game for the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. We gave away prizes after every round and to the overall winners with the Grand Prize winner receiving a $1,000 prize package. Thanks to help of Steiner Sports we were able to make this game possible.

Compete against Fantazzle at RapidDraft – Fantazzle has been chosen as an expert for RapidDraft in 2010. Play for free, try to beat us and you can win up to $100,000. See if you can beat the experts at Fantazzle.

Ray Rice Weekly Fantasy Football Game: Fantazzle has partnered with Ray Rice to bring you a special, weekly fantasy football game. See the Free Ray Rice Weekly Fantasy Football Game and play this unique weekly fantasy game each week.

2010 World Cup Bracket FREE Game – March Madness comes to the FIFA World Cup. Fill out your bracket completely to give yourself a chance to win up to $1,000 in cash prizes. It is free to enter. The game works exactly like March Madness brackets, you receive points for each correct pick you make on your bracket. The bracket with the most total points at the end of the tournament wins.

NBA Playoff Salary Cap Fantasy Basketball – For every round of the 2010 NBA Finals, we have offered a Salary Cap Fantasy Basketball game. A perfect opportunity for fanatics to play more fantasy basketball.

FanStock Announcement – We offered our members a chance to earn double points on each friend referral that accepted the invite and deposits made.

Steve Smith Game – Fantazzle teamed up with New York Giants receiver Steve Smith in his 2009 Pro Bowl season. For voting Steve Smith into the Pro Bowl, each member received an entry to win a 2009 Pro Bowl package which included 2 Pro Bowl tickets, airfare, hotel and a dinner with the USC alum. There were also Weekly Fantasy Football games in which winners received autographed gear from Smith.

Twitter Free Fantasy Football – Our members who follow us on our Twitter were given the opportunity to play in a free game for a cash prize.

DOUBLE Fantasy Sports – We doubled the FanStock received from deposits during the NFL season.

High Stakes Fantasy Football: Fantazzle is hosting a number of high stakes fantasy football drafts which will be taking place August 28th at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The drafts will all be an intimate part of the mega fantasy football draft event known as Fantasy SuperDraft 2010. League entry fees range from 1k to 10k with payouts for every league set at a minimum of 85% of entry fees. Go here to register now and we’ll see you in Vegas!


For any questions or comments you may have on FanStock or any other fantasy sports promotions, please send us an email.