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How to Play Weekly Ray Rice Fantasy Football Challenge

The Weekly Ray Rice Fantasy Football Challenge game is an easy fantasy game to play. It follows the very same rule as the Fantazzle Weekly Fantasy Football Challenge Game and that rule is to choose a player for each position on your fantasy team while trying to earn the most fantasy points against your opponents. This is a WEEKLY fantasy football game just like most of Fantazzle's games. At the end of each week, (after Monday Night Football (NFL), prizes are given to the winners and a new game will be created for you to play again. Everyone playing gets another chance, even the winners of the previous games. In addition, anyone who just came across this promotion can join in as well.

How to play fantasy football

Play Ray Rice Step 1 Choose the Ray Rice game

Play Ray Rice Step 2 Fill out your lineup by selecting 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 DEF/ST Go here for our fantasy football scoring. That page will also give you info on our regular Fantasy Football Challenge Game that can be played for large cash prizes every week along with the Ray Rice game.

Play Ray Rice Step 3 Confirm your selections and submit your lineup!

Thats It! Play Fantasy Football (or go to our cashier for your deposit bonus!)

Be sure that you understand the fantasy settings and scoring of the football game and have your final fantasy football roster locked five minutes before the first NFL football game of that week. Once your lineup is officially set, sit back and enjoy the games, while monitoring your team's progress on our Live Scoring page. Upon completion of the fantasy game, all scores will be finalized and the team with the most points will be awarded the cash prizes shortly after the game.

The Ray Rice Fantasy Football Challenge game requires the user to select the best possible fantasy football lineup picking 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 DEF/ST. Simply pick the best possible lineup and fill all roster positions. The team at the end of the weekly game with the most points is awarded the $50 prize.

First place will be awarded $50, second is awarded $25, and third place takes home $10.

In addition to the top three, the 4th through 10th place finishers will also receive an invitation to the Week 16 Grand Prize contest.  Finish in the top ten in any week from 8 to 15 and you'll be invited to the Week 16 Grand Prize contest where the weekly winners will compete for $1,000 in prizes.

Fantasy Football Top Ten

Users will be eligible to win the end-of-season prize based on which Ray Rice fantasy football game they finish in the top ten for, and if they place in the top ten for both games, they will then be eligible to win bothprizes! For more details on our Ray Rice game prizes for each week and the end of the season, visit the Ray Rice prize page.

Get into the action at Fantazzle with our free WEEKLY Ray Rice fantasy football games. Pick your game, fill your roster, and sit back and enjoy the football season. Come back and play each week for your chance at more free prizes! Don't forget as well to cheer for Ray Rice and tell your friends about Fantzzle - follow that link to find out how to get paid for doing this.

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