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SuperDraft is the largest gathering of fantasy football fanatics in the world. It is the ultimate fantasy football draft experience, all in the background of Las Vegas. SuperDraft consists of VIP parties, celebrity appearances and the Ultimate Draft Room.

When and where is SuperDraft located?

SuperDraft 2010 is held at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas from August 26th - 28th. The actual draft day for all leagues is on Saturday August 28th. Other days consist of VIP parties and special events. The draft and most activities occur at the Palms, although there are a few VIP parties hosted at Las Vegas nightclubs.

What amenities are in the Draft Room?

Each league will get their own designated space in the Draft Room. Each person will have their own internet access as well. Cheerleaders will be tending to your every need and there is plenty of food and beverages to go around as well. Draft experts will be there to help you with any advice, too. Private draft rooms are also available.

What is the wristband for?

The wristband is your ticket to all of the exclusive SuperDraft events. Without the wristband you won't be allowed entry into the draft room or the parties and concert.

When do I get my wristband?

All wristbands will be available for pick-up at the Palms Casino Resort starting on Thursday, August 26th in the SuperDraft offices at the hotel. Only the person who purchased the wristband will be allowed to pick it up.

Do I need to bring my own computer? What if there are issues with my internet connection?

Computers are recommended to bring, but there are a limited number of laptops available to use. There will also be internet savvy individuals around to help you connect to the Palms network.

How does SUPERDRAFT differ from a regular fantasy draft online or at home?

Ever had cheerleaders waiting on you and tending to your every need during past fantasy drafts? Have you had fantasy experts around to help you make a pick? We didn't think so. SuperDraft is a fantasy draft unlike any other you have ever experienced. And the two nights of partying in Vegas beforehand with celebrities at private parties is always a good perk.

What if some members of my fantasy league can't attend the SUPERDRAFT?

Not all league members need to be present during your draft to participate. How many times has someone in your league needed to call in to make a pick because they couldn't make the draft? It is very common. Each individual has internet access in their draft room. So with the technology out there today, he/she can be a part of the experience without even being in Vegas.


What am I getting when I enter a Fantazzle league?

Buying a Fantazzle League package gets you a spot reserved in the draft room along with a wristband to all the events and a 2-night hotel stay at the Palms Casino in Vegas. A Wristband and Hotel package is available to those who do not want to enter a High Stakes league.

Why choose Fantazzle High Stakes Leagues over all the others?

Aside from the uniqueness of the SuperDraft experience that is included in all our packages, Fantazzle offers flexibility for our High Stakes Football Leagues that can't be found anywhere else. We have the only $10,000 entry fee for head-to-head fantasy football and we have the best payouts out of any high stakes leagues out there. We are the only high stakes league not holding a fantasy draft over Labor Day weekend, allowing you to enjoy your fantasy draft experience, without wasting your holiday. Finally, each league participant is also allowed to help structure the league with scoring and rosters.

Do I have to enter a Fantazzle league to go to SUPERDRAFT?

Not at all. If you are already in a fantasy football league and want to attend SuperDraft, once you register and buy a wristband your league will be reserved a spot in the Draft Room. Fantazzle does offer Wristband and Hotel packages for a discounted price.

Also, if you are not participating in a fantasy football draft, you are still able to buy a wristband and attend all the VIP parties and special events.

What are the other events the wristband grants access too?

SUPERDRAFT consists of the following events:

  • 3 VIP Parties hosted by former WWE star Stacy Keibler and other celebrities at various Las Vegas night clubs.
  • Tailgate Concert featuring performance by Snoop Dogg and the 2011 SuperDraft Model search
  • "Overtime" Private Pool Party at the Palms

Do I have to stay at the Palms to gain access to the SUPERDRAFT events?

No, regardless of where you stay, you will still be granted access to SuperDraft events as long as you have a wristband. All of Fantazzle's discounted package deals involve the Palms Hotel, which is the center of all the SuperDraft 2010 action. By not staying at the Palms, you will miss out on preferred VIP access to core SuperDraft events. Only guests of the Palms will be permitted to access the Overtime Pool Party on Sunday, August 29th.

How much do the packages cost?

Our packages offer a great deal to the fantasy football fanatic as each comes with a wristband ($125 value) plus two nights at the Palms Casino. For details on the price of each package, please visit the Package page.


Are there any restrictions to those who can participate in the Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football Leagues?

All of the managers of the team(s) need to be at least 21 to enter. Also, individuals from Arizona, Louisiana, Arkansas, Montana, Iowa, Vermont, and North Dakota may not participate because of State Laws.

How will I be reassured that I am a participant in the FHS League?

If you sign up online, agree to the terms of use, and guarantee that you will abide by our rules, you will receive electronic confirmation.

How much money can I win?

That all depends on how big your league is, as we offer sizes with 8, 10 and 12 teams. Fantazzle does offer the best payouts out of any high stakes fantasy football leagues out there today, so you are sure to get your moneys worth.

When will I get paid?

Fantazzle will distribute all league winnings by January 15, 2011.

Can I have a co-manager attend the draft with me, and can they help manage my team?

Yes, but that individual must have a wristband in order to enter the Draft Room. Also there will be an extra $50 fee to make room for the co-manager in the draft room in the $1,000 and $10,000 leagues. For further information on co-managers and co-drafters please visit the Rules page.

When will the draft start and what happens if I am late?

All of the drafts will start at pre-determined scheduled times. If you are late for the draft, we will attempt to get a fill-in from someone in the room who will go off a predetermined draft list, but you have a chance of losing your team altogether if you are not at your spot by the start of the draft. We will not hold up drafts to wait for one single person who is late to the draft. You will lose your team with no refund.

How will the leagues be set up?

Each participant in the league will get to voice their opinion to the commissioner on how the league scoring and rosters are set up. We are the only High Stakes Fantasy Football League that offers that kind of flexibility.

What is FAAB and how does it work?

FAAB stands for Free Agent Allocation Budget and each team has an imaginary budget to acquire players during the regular season. You will have the chance to add free agents and players available on the waiver wire to your roster at any time by making a FAAB bid for him. The person with the highest blind bid (one bid and no other owner gets to see your dollar amount) gets that free agent. You are allowed to bid on as many free agents as you'd like each week as long as you have FAAB dollars left. You can never bid more than you have FAAB remaining.

Do we have to fill out our starting lineup before filling out the rest of our roster?

No. You can pick players at any position at any time, but by the end of the draft you MUST have a legal lineup. In other words, you MUST have at least one player who qualifies at each of the starting spots. If your lineup is illegal after you've left the draft, FHS will assign a player ranked near the bottom of the free agent pool at that position.

How is position eligibility determined?

All players will be listed according to their position of eligibility and every player of question will be addressed before the draft.

How can we prevent collusion?

Fantasy Judgment, a neutral dispute resolution service, will oversee all trades made between teams and either approve or disapprove them based on criteria they establish to evaluate trades. The use of FAAB will make it inherently difficult for one team to acquire all of the best free agents every week. While it is commonplace for a league to have "dead" teams, Fantazzle's high stakes football leagues will not force anyone to remove injured or inactive playersfrom their starting lineups. Each owner is responsible for his/her own team.

Is there ever a case where refunds will be issued?

No refunds will be issued unless the Contest or the participant's League is cancelled.

How will the draft order of my fantasy league be determined?

The draft order of each team will randomly be chosen by Fantasy Judgment through the random draft generator at fftoolbox.com. For more details on the draft order and how it is conducted, please visit the Rules page.

Can I trade/swap draft picks?

Just like with most online drafts, teams will not be allowed to trade/swap draft picks.

Are there any specific rules regarding trades?

Teams will be permitted to trade twice during the season, with a maximum of three players being involved in any transaction at any time. No player may be traded back to a team it had previously been traded from. For further trade and roster rules and regulations, please visit the Rules page.