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To play in Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football is to be at the forefront of fantasy sports. The combination of live fantasy football drafts with the SuperDraft extravaganza is a once a year event that all registrants won't forget. Leagues will be formed prior to the event allowing multiple options and customization of leagues for everyone to find a home. Enjoy the drafts on Saturday of the event and turn your normal fantasy league into a three day event of fun and excitement, taking advantage of all of SuperDraft's incredible events.

Leagues are forming now and will be organized on a first come, first served basis. If you plan on playing, then you should register as soon as possible to ensure your spot. REGISTER NOW to stake your spot in the inaugural year of the Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football event. You will not be disappointed!

If you are still on the fence about entering a high stakes league or deciding which site to use, we urge you to take a look at our background and the events that SuperDraft is hosting. No other high stakes fantasy football league comes close to what Fantazzle is offering . We promise that it will be an event that you won't forget and believe that it will go down for all participants as an unforgettable lifetime event.

Fantazzle is proud to use LeagueSafe.com to hold all league funds until winners are declared at the end of the season. Once the league fills, you will receive an email from LeagueSafe with your league's password. Your password will allow you to log in at any time to see your league's funds safely secured.

Fantasy Football Packages and Leagues

A big difference between Fantazzle's High Stakes Fantasy Football League and other events is that we offer complete flexibility and customization of the league to satisfy all who play. To begin, we offer league sizes of 8-, 10-, and 12-teams (and Fantazzle reserves the right to create a 14-team league should there be significant interest in such a league size). When registering, participants will be asked what league size they prefer as their 1st choice and then 2nd choice, etc. If you do not want to compete in a league size besides your 1st choice then feel free to tell us on the registration form and we'll work to accommodate your desires.

SuperDraft ONLY Packages

While we hope you will take advantage of the high stakes packages and leagues we have created, you may simply want to bring your own league to Las Vegas, just to participate in the SuperDraft events. If so, we offer that option as well.

SuperDraft Wristband and two night stay at The Palms - $350 (includes ALL taxes) (Most events take place on Friday and Saturday - Aug 27th and 28th, but rooms are available from Wednesday to Sunday night.)

SuperDraft Wristband ONLY - $125 (A wristband gets you into all SuperDraft events and reserves a spot in the Draft Room for your league)

High Stakes Fantasy Football Packages

Fame and glory! Who is the best fantasy football league manager in the country...in the World...in Vegas the weekend of August 28th! Earn your claim to fame by playing in one of our many tiered leagues and not only be crowned champion of your league, but win a bundle of cash. Our league payouts are among the best in the industry and only get better, the bigger the entry fee. We offer free wristbands ($125 value) and free hotel rooms (a $259 PER night value at The Palms). We are pulling out all the stops from the smallest to the highest entry fee leagues and creating packages and leagues for all.

NOTE - All High Stakes League packages are setup for hotel rooms on Friday and Saturday night. If you want to change these days AND/OR extend your stay, please contact us and we will accommodate all requests that are possible. If you prefer to not have hotel rooms in your package, please contact us.

Silver Leagues ($1,000 entry fee)
PAYOUT: 85% of league entry fees!

Available in 8-, 10-, & 12-team leagues
League Setup: Head to Head (versus league)
League Rules: See league setup and our customized league options for democratically modifying league rules.
Silver League total price: $1,350 (includes SuperDraft wristband and two nights at the Palms)
Co-Manager Fee: $50 (See Rules page for further details)

Diamond Leagues ($10,000 entry fee)
Payout: 88.5%!
Two nights FREE at the Palms Hotel!
Free SuperDraft wristband!

Available in 8-, 10-, & 12-team leagues
League Setup: Head To Head (versus league)
League Rules: See league setup and our customized league options for democratically modifying league rules.
No Co-Manager Fees!
Diamond League total price: $10,000

Note - If you prefer to not have the hotel rooms included in the packages, please contact us at highstakes@fantazzle.com. In addition, we can modify the days you wish to stay at the hotel and we can include more days in the package.

High Stakes Fantasy Football Entry Fees

If you would like to participate in a Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football league, but cannot make the event, please contact us. Our leagues will be set up with one of the major online commissioner products and be live. We can enable users at home to draft online using one of these tools. Send us an email and we can send more details.

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