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Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football is a high stakes fantasy sporting event which will be taking place August 26th-August 28th at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the mega event known as SuperDraft.

SuperDraft is a weekend long fantasy football extravaganza where people from all over the world and from all walks of life gather to participate in the most sacred of modern sporting events: the draft.

Nowhere else on earth could you find celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Stacy Keibler and Snoop Dogg hanging out with people from all over the country talking football and having the time of their lives.

There are V.I.P. parties all over the city, tailgate concerts, pool parties, celebrity drafts, food and drink specials, live shows and so much more and best of all is your SuperDraft wristband gives you full access to every one of these events.

Whether you are a veteran of high stakes fantasy games or just about ready to stick your toe in the pool, Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football is exactly what you have been waiting for. All leagues are customized from the number of owners in the league down to playoff format. This means that every participant in the FHSL will have the chance to vote on what the final rules of the league will be. This is unprecedented in the high stakes arena as the players truly now have control and choices to which league(s) they play in. Also, each FHS league will have a built in commissioner and dispute resolution service provided by Fantasy Judgment that will draw up an official league constitution and be on hand daily in case there are any disputes that need attention.

If you've ever dreamed of getting the V.I.P. treatment all over Las Vegas and having thousands watching you while you draft against the best players from all over the world than this event is for you. If you don't mind hundreds of beautiful women dressed as cheerleaders tending to your every beck and call then this event is for you. If you want to rub elbows with celebrities ranging from pro athletes to movie stars this event if for you.

By entering a Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football league you are reserving your right to the highest level of fantasy football imaginable. In addition to a seat at any one of our $1000-$10,000 league tables, you receive a SuperDraft wristband that is an all access pass to all of the weekend festivities as well as a two night stay at the luxurious Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In addition, you will enjoy some of the highest payouts in all of high stakes fantasy sports and some of the best odds at winning big cash prizes.

Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football is a traditional fantasy football league structure played for high limit stakes of between $1,000 - $10,000. Instead of competing against hundreds or even thousands of other entrants however, our players are only competing against the other opponents in their 8-, 10- or 12-team league to win the top cash prize and be crowned champion. Best of all is that all entrants in Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football will have a say so in the structure of their league. Our leagues are customizable and can be adjusted to fit any format necessary.

So take a look around and see all that Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football has to offer. We are confident that after doing your research on where to play this football season, you will not find a better fit for your high stakes needs. For any more information please contact us at thefantasyscout@gmail.com.

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