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Fantazzle will outline the basics of the scoring system and rosters below. However, the scoring system is open to change if voted and approved by a majority vote within each individual league. Once changes have been voted and approved by a majority of the participants, then all league participants will be required to sign a printed copy of the amended scoring system and/or roster requirements before the actual draft can commence. Any amendments leagues wish to make must be voted and approved by a majority of league members on or before August 23, 2010. Fantazzle has outlined a handful of exceptions that can be voted on the very day of the draft.

Individual offensive players will be credited points for scoring in the manners as discussed, amended and signed by all of the participants in each high stakes fantasy football league draft. Fantazzle's leagues are structured in 8, 10, and 12-team leagues, but Fantazzle reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to create a 14-team league if one is needed to accommodate willing participants.


All of Fantazzle's high stakes fantasy football leagues will use the same basic scoring system to award points to individual players. This scoring system applies to all 8, 10 and 12-team leagues. Teams are awarded points each week based on output by the NFL players on their active roster for such week in accordance with the following scoring system:

Touchdown: 6 points
25 Yards: 1 point
Interception: -2 points
Two-Point Conversion: 2 points

Touchdown: 6 points
10 Yards: 1 point
Fumble Lost: -2 points
Two-Point Conversion: 2 points

Touchdown: 6 points
10 Yards: 1 point
Fumble Lost: -2 points
Two-Point Conversion: 2 points

Individual Player Miscellaneous Offense
Touchdown: 6 points (includes kick / punt / fumble return touchdowns)

Place Kicking
Extra Point: 1 point
Field Goal: 3 points

Defense & Special Teams

Touchdown: 6 points (includes kick return, punt return, fumble return and interception return touchdowns)
Interception: 2 points
Fumble Recovery: 2 points
Sack: 1 point
Shutout: 5 points


Each 8, 10 and 12-team head-to-head league will be required to draft and maintain a roster of at exactly 18 players. Each team will be required to draft a full starting lineup for their team. There will be no Injured Reserve allowed for any of the high stakes leagues. Each team will also be required to confirm their team roster before leaving the draft by signing a typewritten, confirmed roster sheet.

The full roster size (minimum / maximum) can be changed by majority vote of league members on the day of the draft.


Each fantasy football league draft will last for 18 rounds with each team selecting a player in each round in a serpentine fashion (for a 12 team league the team 1 will draft first, followed by team 2 and so forth until the choice has reached team 12. Then the draft will snake back from team 12 through team 1 and then back from team 1 through team 12).

Each participant will have 90 seconds to make a player selection. Participant will be notified of the previous pick, the start of their time and then again at 20 seconds that their pick is due. If a participant does not make a selection in the allotted time, then that participant is passed over until the next participant makes a selection. The passed-over participant then has 45 seconds to make a player selection before they are passed over again.


Each 8, 10 and 12-team league, must start a valid lineup each week consisting of players in the following format:

1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
3 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Place Kicker
1 Defense / Special Teams

The weekly lineup can be changed to add or remove players by a majority vote of league members on or before August 23, 2010.


Starting lineups must be submitted through the league website and are due five minutes before the game in which each individual player is scheduled to participate. If submitting lineup changes by phone, the participant must call Fantazzle 20 minutes before an individual player's scheduled game begins.


Each 8, 10 and 12team league will begin the season with the following format for matchups (1 vs. 2 / 3 vs. 4 / 5 vs. 6 / 7 vs. 8 / 9 vs. 10 / 11 vs. 12). Each team in an 8team league will play all the other teams twice during the regular season. Each team in a 10 or 12team league will play every other team at least once during the regular season.


The top four teams in the 8 and 10-team head-to-head leagues will qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs begin in NFL Week 15 and last for two weeks. The format for the playoff seeding and round one matchups will be:

1 vs. 4
2 vs. 3

The top six teams in 12-team head-to-head leagues will qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs will start in NFL Week 14 and last for three weeks. The format for playoff seeding and round matchups in 12-team leagues will be as follows:

1 seed - bye
2 seed - bye
3 vs. 6
4 vs. 5

In Round 2, the playoff seeding and matchups will be:
1 vs. (winner of 4 vs. 5 matchup from first round)
2 vs. (winner of 3 vs. 6 matchup from first round)

Seeds in all leagues are determined by overall win-loss records with tiebreakers determined by total offensive points and then by record against other playoff opponents.


Only two trades will be allowed per team per season. Teams cannot trade more than three players in any trade transaction. Teams also cannot trade a previously traded player back to his original team. Trades can only be made on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is the responsibility of the league members to review the trade and submit concerns about collusion or unfair practices to the Fantazzle High Stakes League commissioner before Thursday at 5pm. The deadline for all trades in every Fantazzle High Stakes Fantasy Football League is NFL Week 7.


FAAB stands for Free Agent Allocation Budget and each team has an imaginary budget to acquire players during the regular season. Participants will have the chance to add free agents and players available on the waiver wire to their rosters at any time by making an FAAB bid for him. The person with the highest blind bid (one bid with no other participant allowed to see dollar amount) receives the free agent. Participants are allowed to bid on as many free agents as they would like each week as long as they have FAAB dollars left. You can never bid more than you have FAAB remaining. Rosters cannot exceed the 18-player minimum / maximum and would require a drop/release. Fantasy Judgment will maintain an active "No Drop" (also known as "Can't Cut") list throughout the course of the season. Any player listed on Fantasy Judgment's list cannot be dropped as long as he remains on the list. The deadline to add or drop any player in all Fantazzle High Stakes Leagues is NFL Week 11.


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