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To Fantazzle Players:

Recently Fantazzle experienced a number of challenging hardships where we had none or very little control over their outcome. These hardships we are sad to announce have led to a tough decision, but one that Fantazzle does not see a way around. Fantazzle has no choice, but to close down the site and shut down our operations effectively immediately. It is something we have been trying to avoid, but has become inevitable. Players who have been on the site over the past one to two months could not have helped but noticed that Fantazzle has become a site that is nothing like it once was. A site that prided itself on player service quickly became the worst in that department. It hasn't been fair to the players nor to our partners who have not received what they have been due which essentially resulted in them taking a loss and a write-off especially our stats provider who truly treated us a partner rather than a customer and we could not have asked for a better partner.

We want to apologize to everyone that believed in us and for us letting them down. While we certainly know this is not easy for all of you, we do hope you understand and can see that we are not taken this lightly and we are shattered by these developments. Myself as the founder/CEO especially who put every ounce of energy and personal funds into the company for over five years receiving nothing in return. Certainly not looking for pity, but I want to make it clear to all those affected that this isn't "Oh well, it didn't work. Well, just going to move on and forget it existed and that's that." should not expect that nor will you get that. Fantazzle and myself personally will be doing what we can to make things right.

In addition to a broad apology, we want to also apologize for the lack of communication you have received from us. Some of this was due to the hardships mentioned above, but more due to not having any answers ourselves and spending our time to try to come up with the answers and solutions for our players. We still do not have many answers, but we will include everything we have at

So what does that mean for the future most specifically for players? That is what I'm sure most of you are interested in understanding. Steps have begun to reduce or make non-existent any hardship for players and their accounts by selling our assets and refunding accounts. Here is a list of items now that we have made the announcement:

1. All games will cease as of Tuesday, July 23rd. This includes season/segment games. Many of you might have noticed that those of you participating in these games have already been reimbursed. Not ideal for those players who were doing well (we will relook at this once we have a solution in place.

2. Cashier functions have been disabled (depositing has been disabled for awhile and requesting withdraws will also be turned off). We have records for all past withdraw requests as well. At this point, all accounts are now considered as wanting their balances refunded. Any withdraw requests made prior to turning off the functionality have been noted, but will not be processed until the entire situation is known and what action is taken to distribute player funds in the future.

3. We hope to continue to have the Fantazzle site up to provide updates. Significant updates will also be emailed out to players. In addition, while withdraws cannot be requested at this time (again we are assuming that all accounts want their funds withdrawn), we want to provide players access to their account history and current account balance. How funds will be distributed once received is not 100% known yet so please do not ask. Once we know, you will know and it will depend on the funds we can secure.

4. FanStock, DraftRunners funds, and bonus cash will not recoup their account balances (UNLESS a deal can be made with another site where they will honor these funds). Account balances will not be modified at this time, but we wanted to communicate this now to players who fall under these considerations. Basically accounts where deposits were never made and accounts from DraftRunners (who were the single biggest factor of putting in Fantazzle into our current situation) will not have funds to recoup.

5. If a player has information or leads that could help you as an individual player, all players involved, and Fantazzle, we would appreciate the information (please see communication info below).

5. Our expectations are to recoup 70 to 100% of account balances for every player and we expect to do this within the year (3 to 12 months).

What should we do now?

While we understand that players will be angry, frustrated, upset, etc, what can be done now with regards to yourself and Fantazzle is to let us work towards #5 above. We will be modifying our support and cashier emails to be an automated response email directing players to this page so we won't receive these communications. We believe that players who have an account balance would much rather see us spend our time searching for a solution than answer emails that have been answered or there are no answer to give. We will have a new email box (email below) that we will track, but all info that we have will be located at and info that you want but do not see here means we do not have it so replies should not be expected. Not only due to these reasons, but we want to spend our time finding a solution as quick as possible for everyone during this frustrating time. Once a solution is found, we expect that there may be more questions at that time and we will once again try to post as much info as we can at the time and also spend more time answering player email questions. That should help reassure that individual questions will be answered, but at a later time once distributions have been made.

We expect to receive 100's/1,000's of emails from upset players who want to share how they feel about this situation and how upset they are (understandable and if it makes you feel better to get it out, then send, but we won't be able to read or reply to thse emails) and/or players asking about their specific withdraw/account balance desires, but there are going to be very few, IF ANY, differences between one players account and another that is not answered here.

We also expect players to continue to update Fantazzle's demise on other fantasy sites and there is nothing we can do about this. We are not asking anyone not to do this, but we just hope if you do you provide facts and use this page as a way for others to get the info that we are providing. It should also be pointed out that we (unlike many other businesses who have gone out of business) are going to do whatever we can to make things right. WE ARE NOT TAKING THIS LIGHTLY and we hope that can be communicated properly. You can contact us at assets at fantazzle . com for the near future. One item to point out is the more negative info is spread, the harder it will become for Fantazzle to do what it can to recoup funds for players. We by no means are asking anyone to censor themselves or not communicate if they feel that is the right thing to do, but only ask to look at the big picture and make sure facts are laid out instead of exaggerations or saying things besides our #1 goal is to not run or hide from our responsibilities, but to meet them head on and do what we can to recoup all funds.

Thanks for any understanding and any compassion you have for Fantazzle with the situation at hand (we know that we don't exactly deserve that) and we hope to return your belief in that one last time for all of our players we have gotten to know over the years.


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