College Fantasy Football Hall of Fame

Fantazzle’s Hall of Fame (HoF) is now available and members of our community can now compete against friends and other members for bragging rights. The Hall of Fame will keep track of players’ scores throughout the college fantasy football season and award those who play and win the most games, score the most points and put together the longest winning streaks.

Make sure you check back often to see if you have what it takes to make history and get your name up on the Hall of Fame. Plus over time we will be adding more sports and new Hall of Fame records to aim for with “Winning Percentage” coming soon. The HoF for Pro Fantasy Football is already up. All players are automatically signed up to compete in the Hall of Fame, but there are requirements (see below) to get a record posted and/or qualify for rewards we give away. We will continue to add new rewards and may decide to hold a weekly or monthly contest so always read the latest news and meet the qualifications listed below.

Contest #1 – Season High Score Champions
Qualify – Meet HoF requirements and have the 2011 season’s highest score (two winners – one for Challenge and Salary Cap game types).
Reward – An inaugural trophy for the new trophy case PLUS THREE entries into Contest #2

Contest #2 – Weekly High Score Freeroll
Qualify – Meet HoF requirements, finish 1st/2nd/3rd in Challenge or Salary Cap weekly standings OR top 10 season standings.
Reward – A ticket into the Inaugural High Score Freeroll with over $100 in free prizes awarded.


  • High Score


  • Challenge
  • Salary Cap


  • SEASON (2011/12)
  • WEEK
  • Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 |
  • Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | Week 8 |
  • Week 9 | Week 10 | Week 11 | Week 12 |
  • Week 13 | Week 14 |

Select Hall of Fame by SPORT

Consider these rewards as a “GAME WITHIN A GAME.” Not only are you playing to win your league, but also competing to win additional cash prizes in our Hall of Fame. These are extra awards so there are certain qualifications you must meet in order to be awarded.

  • Free game entries will not show up on the Hall of Fame or qualify for any rewards.
  • Must play entry fee games $10 or more to qualify for any rewards given out. Records will still be posted, but you will not qualify for any monetary rewards.
  • Must have made at least one deposit during the sport season to qualify for monetary rewards (if you haven’t made a deposit yet, make one now during the redeposit bonus to get free cash).
  • If you qualify for the same reward multiple times, you only receive one reward (in the freeroll example, you make the field smaller and have a better chance to win the more times you qualify over someone else). Rewards do not bump down to the next eligible.
  • We will help notify players of their rewards, but they must be claimed within five days so PLEASE make sure to check here often so you don’t miss out. You can email for any help. For the freeroll contest, you do not need to claim the reward. We will email you one week prior to the freeroll.
  • Tiebreakers for rewards will be in this order: 1) Player with the most friend referrals; 2) Player that has the most past HoF records w/in the same Game Type; 3) Player with the most Lifetime FanStock earned.
  • Any score discrepancy in the Hall of Fame and the live scoring page is due to modifications made by prior to finalizing game stats. We always use the final stats when we score games for winners.
  • Check any additional rules on our promotions page, rules page, and FAQ for cash promotions.

It is at our discretion to disqualify certain games from the Hall of Fame (due to something unusual). Thanks and send any comments and suggestions you may have.