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Fantasy Sports Promotions

Fantazzle is pleased to announce FanStock's decision to sponsor the entire month of February - starting with the Super Bowl fantasy game heading into mid-season fantasy basketball games and finishing with the premiere of 2011 fantasy racing games. Of course, there is much more in between such as Fantazzle's first ever FanStock Shareholder Vote. Players at Fantazzle will soon see that FanStock is not only used as free money, but as a democratic tool to be used in a upcoming 'shareholder' vote that will allow players voices to be heard and acted upon.

FanStock Promotions Month

Simply put February is FanStock Promo Month! It's not easy to become the sponsor of a month so FanStock is going to make it special. FanStock promotions will be running every day and we might even run it three days into March to make up for the short month. If you are unfamiliar with FanStock here is all you need to know:

FanStock = FREE Cash for games PLUS Votes for the upcoming shareholder meeting.

To keep up to date on all the promotions, do the following: come back here often, visit your personal My Promos page, and read any email/social media communications in the month of February. That is only if you like FREE money and playing FREE fantasy games for cash.

FanStock Promotions

Well, February is just about to close or is now over and with that our FanStock February promotions. We hope you took advantage of the promotions offered like an increased first-time deposit bonus and redeposit bonus promos, referral promotion, free fantasy basketball games & free fantasy racing games, among other fantasy promotions we held this month. Keep in mind that nearly every special bonus promotion we offered in February, we offer EVERYDAY at Fantazzle.
So the bonus may be a tad smaller, but Fantazzle has made it a priority to offer the best fantasy game promotions in the industry all 12 months of the year.

Fantazzle is offering the following bonuses in the time period specified.

Week of Feb 21 to Mar 6
This is it, the grand finale of FanStock February. A promotion SO BIG that we had to borrow six days of March to conclude it. We hope you were able to earn extra FanStock the past several weeks because it will come in handy for the final promotion of February: The First Official FanStock Shareholder Vote.

You may or may not know that FanStock serves two purposes at Fantazzle:
1. Allows you to use CURRENT FanStock as entry fees for cash games (basically a cash currency on Fantazzle).
2. Gives you a percentage of ownership in LIFETIME FanStock votes held on our fantasy sports site. Since every player receives FanStock just for creating an account, every player on our site owns a percentage of Lifetime FanStock that helps make up the 100% of outstanding stock.
(NOTE - We use Lifetime FanStock for the vote and Current FanStock to spend on free games. Since your Current FanStock balance decreases when you use it to play free games, we keep track of your voting power through your Lifetime FanStock).

To close out FanStock February we are going to hold our first vote and put purpose #2 to work. As a special bonus, if you participate in the vote, you will also earn more FanStock to help with purpose #1:play more free fantasy games on the site.

If you complete the voting survey, you will be credited 1,000 shares of FanStock.

In the next several days, each player will receive an email with a link to our first shareholder voting survey and customized information for the amount of Lifetime FanStock you have and percentage of voting power your shares make up. We will use this formula to determine your percentage:
YOUR Lifetime FanStock/TOTAL Outstanding Lifetime FanStock as of Feb 23rd 2010 = YOUR % of voting power
The higher the percentage, the more votes your ballot will hold. This will give a reward to our biggest and most loyal players on the site, but don't let that deter you as every vote counts and could potentially make a difference in the outcome. In addition, to finalize the voting results, we will use Total Returned Lifetime FanStock NOT the Total Outstanding. This should dramatically increase the weight of your vote given Fantazzle expects less than a 50% response rate.

Please note - in no way, shape, or form does FanStock create any formal ownership and equity into the company: Fantazzle Fantasy Sports, Inc. This is not an official shareholder vote for the company, but a vote for the players to express their voice and opinion of Fantazzle as a fantasy sports games website.

For more information, please visit our FanStock Shareholder Vote page.

We'd like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to vote!

Week of Feb 14th
Fantasy Race Week! To kick off the 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Fantazzle set up the FanStock February Week of February 14th to be all about NASCAR!

In 2009 and 2010, Fantazzle offered a weekly fantasy racing challenge game.
In 2011, Fantazzle would like to express its commitment to fantasy racing games by offering two new game types: Fantasy Racing Salary Cap Game and Fantasy Racing Pick'em Game.

We aren't stopping there as we are also offering not only our weekly fantasy racing game format, but a season fantasy game and segment fantasy racing game duration. Games range from $5 to $1,000 in entry fees with league sizes available from versus (2 player game) to unlimited. The more players that enter unlimited games, the higher the prizes will get!

Don't forget to check out our Mid-Season Fantasy Basketball game.

Fantasy Racing Free Games Promotion

Join our Segment 1 Fantasy Racing Challenge game giving over $100 in prizes. Also available is our weekly fantasy racing game with a small prize as well if you prefer that format (of course, you can play them both).

***SPECIAL - later in the week, we will be releasing one additional free game with a limited league size. Check the Play Fantasy Racing Games page and stay on top of Twitter, Facebook and email messages to receive notification.

Refer Friend FanStock February Promotion

From February 14th to February 20th ALL Referrals receive TRIPLE our current bonus. Earn 1,500 FanStock for each friend you refer. Only a signup is required, your friend does not have to deposit. IF they do decide to deposit, you will receive 6,000 FanStock more. Earn 1,500 FanStock for all new accounts you help create and a total of 7,500 per account if they deposit. There is NO limit.

Remember FanStock = FREE CASH.

We offer plenty of automated friend referral tools to make the referral process VERY easy and simple to do. Use the tools in Account - Refer Friends tab. There you will find your unique URL to refer friends. All you have to do is copy and paste this URL and have your friend use that to create an account. You can also use or automated email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media site tools to distribute your URL to friends.

***SPECIAL Fantasy Racing Referral Bonus

If the friend you refer enters ANY of our segment and season entry fee racing games, we will add more free cash to the promo. Not only will you receive the 7,500 FanStock for the referral, but you will also receive an additional bonus depending on the entry fee. Earn $15 for every friend you sign up!!! That's a lot of free cash.

Type of Referral Regular Bonus FanStock February BONUS
(Feb 14 to 20th)
Friend creates an account 500 1,500 FanStock
Friend also deposits 5000 6,000 FanStock (7,500 total = $7.50 FREE!)
Special Fantasy Racing Promotion
Friend enters segment or season fantasy racing game w/ entry fee from $50 to $99 0 7,500 from above PLUS 2,500 NASCAR bonus = 10,000 FanStock ($10 in cash!)
Friend enters segment or season fantasy racing game w/ entry fee $100 or more. 0 7,500 from above PLUS 7,500 NASCAR bonus = 15,000 FanStock ($15 in cash!)

You MUST use your unique friend referral URL to receive credit for referring your friends. You can find that in your Account section of the website. The account creation and deposit bonuses will be AUTOMATICALLY credited to your account in FanStock. There are no limits to receive our special FanStock February friend referral bonus! You can potentially earn thousands of dollars and we will pay you every cent you earn. The fantasy racing referral special bonus has a maximum of $50 in bonus cash that can be earned. You will STILL RECEIVE our special referral bonus of 7,500 FanStock per person. To receive the special fantasy racing bonus, please email us with your username and your friend's username and we will credit your account no later than Monday, Feb 21st (we will try to credit this w/in 24 hrs of receiving your email).

Please see the Refer Friends Promotions page for further details on friend referrals.

Week of February 7th

To help promote our upcoming changes to our Fantasy Basketball schedule we have created a few games with FREE CASH!

Friday, Feb 11th - FREE daily game with $32 in cash prizes. Available now in the Fantasy Basketball Play Games section.

Sunday, Feb 13th - Our daily Sunday game will have $20 in FREE cash added to the prize. We hope that this will help make fantasy football a memory of long ago.

Don't forget to check out our Mid-Season Fantasy Basketball game and to come back here next week for more fantasy game promotions.

Starting Thursday and ending Super Bowl Sunday (Thursday Feb 3rd to Sunday Feb 6th, 2011)

1. FanStock is proud to kick off FanStock February with THE ONLY Super Bowl Fantasy Game available online. Only fitting that we have the following fantasy promotion:

We are INCREASING our current deposit bonuses from now until the end of Super Bowl Sunday.

First-time deposit bonus - Receive our current deposit bonus PLUS:

$20 to $49 - Receive 2,000 EXTRA FanStock DOUBLE BONUS.

$50 to $99 - Receive 7,500 EXTRA FanStock.

$100 or more - Add 5,000 EXTRA FanStock BEST VALUE.

First Deposit Amount FanStock Super Bowl Promo Bonus Maximum Bonus Amount
$300 to $800 $80 to $205 in cash 27% (from 25%)
$200 to $299 55,000 - $55 in cash 27% (from 25%)
$100 to $199 22,000 - $22 in cash 22% (from 17%)
$50 to $99 7,500 - $7.50 in cash 15% (from 10%)
$20 to $49 2,000 10% (from 5%)
$10 to $19 0 0%

Redeposit bonus - We are doubling our current redeposit bonus and creating a new tier for a lower minimum threshold.

Deposit $100 or more and receive a 10% bonus (up to $20).

Deposit $50 to $99 and receive a 5% bonus.

Note - Redeposit bonuses are only available for one deposit during the promotional period. Any additional deposits will not receive a bonus.

Maximize the Super Bowl promotions - use the redeposit bonus to help you qualify for the promotions below. Or use it to play future fantasy basketball games, hockey, golf, and racing games.

2. Play in either of our Super Bowl Fantasy Games and receive DOUBLE FanStock for your entries. Plus a new tier has been added for our high stakes players - $99 and up receive 500 FanStock!

Enter as many times as you'd like - every entry will receive the bonus. The bonus is automatically applied to your account after you enter.

Entry Fee Amount FanStock Points Super Bowl Bonus FanStock Offer
$0 to $5 0 0
$10 to $19 20 40
$20 to $49 50 100
$50 to $98 100 200
$99 and up n/a 500

3. In addition to DOUBLE FanStock for game entries, we are also rewarding players who play $100 or more in our Super Bowl games AND fantasy games available on Super Bowl Sunday.

$100 or more in entries = 5,000 FanStock = $5 FREE

You may already play this much and if so, congrats! Get free money without doing anything different. Some players come up a little short, but remember this is the LAST fantasy football opportunity this season. Super Bowl Sunday - go out with a bang!

Here's how it works:

1. Simply enter our Super Bowl games AND/OR any fantasy games available 12:00am ET to 11:59pm ET Sunday. Remember Super Bowl games can be entered any day, not just Sunday, and WILL count towards the bonus.

2. Make sure your total entry fees are equal to or greater than $100. Yes, any $100 or greater entry fee game AUTOMATICALLY qualifies you. If that's not your thing, enter multiple times at different entry fees and in different games. Enter as little or as many games as you'd like that will add up to $100 or more.

3. Your bonus will be credited to your account as soon as all qualifying games have started (Monday, 7pm ET). Give us a little time to pull out the calculator.

Qualifying games include all games available to enter on Super Bowl Sunday. Just be sure to enter on Sunday. Entries to these fantasy games on other day do not count.

Week of February 7th - Take part in the following promotion: ???

You will have to check back here to receive the next promotion. It should be up at the beginning of next week, if not sooner.

FanStock Promotion SMALL PRINT

1. All promotional rules currently in place for bonuses are also applied to these bonuses. This info can be found on the FanStock promotions page, in your cashier, and in some instances on the site rules page. These pages will contain info such as when you can use your new FanStock to play games.

2. FanStock will be credited to your account as soon as you perform the action to receive it (unless otherwise stated as manual). In some instances, in order to use the FanStock you must accomplish a set criteria. For example, you can use FanStock earned from playing games right away. To use your deposit bonus FanStock, you must roll over your deposit money 4x. This helps us to avoid fraud and hit and runs (deposit, play with your bonus, withdraw your deposit, leave for good - this is bad for everyone except one lone individual).

3. You must check the box (when available) - I agree to allow my entry to be grouped in a different league size - for your game entry to qualify for the double FanStock bonus. If you do not agree, you will not be able to participate in the double bonus.

4. Cancelled games no longer receive game entry FanStock bonuses (either during this promotional period or in general). We do not cancel many games any longer so this is not necessary and would just lead to abuse.

5. All discretion is up to the management of Fantazzle. If we suspect anyone manipulating the promotion system, we will debit all FanStock from the player's account. If FanStock was already used, an account could be debited their cash balance equal to the value of FanStock that was used.

6. Have fun, enjoy, and if you have a question on something, just ask. That can avoid all questionable situations.


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