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Introduction to Fantazzle

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Fantazzle is a United States corporation that offers season-long, weekly, and daily fantasy sports skill games for cash and prizes. The company's fantasy games are available in all major U.S. sports and the company itself has grown its name, revenue and profits steadily since inception. Fantazzle has been a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) since its founding and its CEO and founder, Ryan Parr, has been a non-company member of the FSTA since 2003.

Fantazzle is an expert in online marketing, and Fantazzle's team has more than four decades of combined experience in SEO, SEM, Social Media marketing and email marketing. Fantazzle's team knows how and where to promote sponsor brands and sponsor messages to deliver optimal results.

The Fantazzle Concept

Fantazzle serves a segmented portion of the fantasy sports industry through its unique short-term games. The short-term fantasy game concept is the key differentiator between Fantazzle and other fantasy sports sites. Fantazzle creates head-to-head fantasy sports games between as little as two, or as many as twenty-five, users. The users decide how many people they wish to compete against in either season-length, weekly, or daily games and they can choose to play in free-entry or pay-to-play games. Fantazzle distributes cash prizes the instant a fantasy contest ends and this lets users apply their skills and compete in as many fantasy games as they wish during a sport's season.

Fantazzle's Awards

Fantazzle has been the recipient of a number of awards including the Preseason Fantasy Football Player Ranking Award given by the New York Times in 2008. Fantazzle bested more than twenty companies to win the award including ESPN, Yahoo! and CBS Sports.

The Fantasy Sports Market

Studies by the FSTA have estimated that more than 30 million people in the United States and Canada currently play fantasy sports. Further studies have put the industry's annual revenues at more than $800 million with a total economic impact of close to $4.5 billion annually.

Fantasy Sports Demographics

Studies by the FSTA and independent university researchers have confirmed that fantasy football users spend more than five hours per week managing their teams while fantasy baseball users spend more than six.

The average fantasy football player manages more than 3.5 teams and the average fantasy baseball player manages three.

The demographics for all fantasy gamers include:

Average age: 37
79% Male
21% Female
86% own their own home.
71% have a bachelor's degree or higher.
$94k Average HHI

Why Fantazzle is the Best Advertising Choice

Fantazzle's advertising packages* have all been constructed to be something much different than a traditional online campaign with a few web banners here and there. All of Fantazzle's advertising packages are fully integrated marketing campaigns and Fantazzle has created a variety of different and intriguing ways to promote sponsors. Our advertising packages are innovative and designed to target our users in fresh and unique ways that will get sponsor brands, and brand messages in front of our users at optimal times.

In-Game Advertising

Fantazzle has sponsorship packages available for all of our free games. These packages include everything from logos and brand messages on the game selection screen, to logos on the live scoring pages and even to logos on the player hats, helmets and cars in the player selection screen. By integrating sponsor brands into the game experience itself, users are able to recognize and remember the brand without intrusive messages interrupting their game experience.

Web 2.0 and Social Media Advertising

But Fantazzle's packages are not limited to brand advertising, no matter how innovative the placement of the logo. Fantazzle has still more to offer, including Web 2.0 advertising through our network of fantasy sports sites. Messages, articles and branding are available on all of Fantazzle's network sites as well as all of Fantazzle's social media outlets. Our social media networks include a Twitter account, more than five Facebook pages and four fantasy sports content sites that all can be utilized for pushing sponsor messages.

Email Marketing

Fantazzle sends more than 500 automatically generated game-related emails every day. All of these are available for sponsorship and sponsor messaging. In addition, Fantazzle sends out a bi-monthly marketing email to all of our users about special promotions, games and new prizes.

Even More

Fantazzle utilizes a promotional tool onsite that grants users points toward game credits and cash. This program-called FanStock-can be utilized in innovative ways for sponsors. Fantazzle can create promos that gives users FanStock by visiting a sponsor site or by making a purchase from a sponsor site.

Customer Service

Every single one of Fantazzle's sponsors receives the same level of round-the-clock customer service. With offices in various countries, there are always customer service agents or Fantazzle staff available to handle any issues that may arise with your advertising purchase. Additionally, our experts are here to assist you with crafting a package that best fits your needs.

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