Fantasy Sports Software

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports can provide any type of fantasy games software you would like. We have created fantasy software that runs Fantazzle's games with the idea of providing a fantasy sports games software platform for our partners whether you are in the fantasy sports industry or are looking for an interactive tool for your users.

Fantasy Sports Games Software

Our Fantasy Sports Games Software can be used as a white-label (white label) software program or we can create a fantasy game software network program. We can talk to you and provide consulting on the best type of game software for your site and how it can bring in a ROI and be a no cost solution for your website to use fantasy software to increase new visits to your site or increase return visits by your current website visits. As you'll see on Fantazzle's site, our main type of games have an entry fee to play. That is not the case with our fantasy sports software in general. You can create a game that does have an entry fee, but without having to customize our software for you, we have software that can provide a promotional fantasy sports software tool for your company in ANY industry. In addition, while most of our games are played over a short-duration (daily or weekly games), we already have the capability with our fantasy sports software to provide a season long promotional contest for your site. Lastly, we can always offer the exact type of game that you see on Fantazzle. This fantasy games software can be a stand alone fantasy software program that you use on your own or a network type fantasy sports software solution that can connect Fantazzle's and the interested company's database (with of course, software security controls in place).

Fantasy Football Games Software

Fantasy football is the biggest fantasy sports there is and is our main focus at Fantazzle. Our fantasy football software program can provide a game that will create new visits and bring those visits back every week of the year. We can create ANY type of game for a fantasy football software program you want or you can look to use a fantasy football game that we already offer. We offer a fantasy football challenge software program which is a no restrictions salary cap type software game, a salary cap fantasy football software program, and a fantasy football pickem software game. We can create whatever fantasy football software game of your choosing and consult with you to develop the best solution your company would want.

Fantasy Baseball Games Software

Fantasy baseball is one of our biggest sports and our fantasy baseball software is a complete package that will take very little upgrading to create. You can choose from our fantasy baseball challenge game software (a no salary cap type game), a salary cap fantasy baseball software game, and a fantasy baseball software pickem type game. We can create any variations of these games that you may want like a Home Run derby fantasy baseball software game. This would be considered a variation of our challenge software game where all we have to do is change the scoring system used and we have a game ready to go. That is a great example of how easy it is to create a new game using our fantasy baseball software. A modification like this would take us 1 hour to make and you can be up and running the next day.

Other Fantasy Sports Software

Besides our fantasy football software and fantasy baseball software, we can offer our customizable fantasy sports software for ANY SPORT! That is not an exagerration. As stated earlier, we have created our fantasy sports software to be very flexible and part of that flexibility is switching one professional sport for another and be up and running. At Fantazzle Fantasy Sports, we are currently offering fantasy football software, fantasy baseball software, fantasy racing software, fantasy golf software, fantasy basketball software and fantasy hockey software. We have also released a World Cup fantasy sports bracket game software and that is an example of how we can easily create a new type of game AND for a fantasy sport that we have not previously offered. What about soccer, lacrosse, cricket, rugby, rodeo, and college fantasy sports? Yep, we can do that. Get in touch with us and we can help you develop the game. We can create the game based on your ideas or we can help consult you to create a perfect game for your audience.

Feel free to send us an email and we will reply ASAP which is usually within 24 hours. We look forward to working with you to build an incredible game that will help both companies accomplish their goals. We believe in building true partnerships at Fantazzle and you will see this after just several mintutes talking to us. That is our promise to you.

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