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What is Fantazzle?

Fantazzle is the leading provider of innovative fantasy sports skill games. Our games are played in a shorter duration than traditional fantasy sites. We don't plan to replace your regular fantasy sports leagues, but add to the fun and excitement of fantasy sports.


Why Fantazzle?

We offer different types of games than most fantasy sites. The most unique factor is creating a game that has a shorter duration than others. No need to wait until the end of the season to win a cash prize. At Fantazzle you can win each day and week! Leagues are created every day of the week, and week of the year and you have the option of playing or not playing for that particular day or week - there is less commitment and much more flexibility.


How does Fantazzle work?

Pretty easy.
1. Pick the sport you want to play.
2. Pick the fantasy game.
3. Pick the entry fee.
4. Pick the amount of players to compete against.
5. Select your team following the game rules and scoring.

That's it! We will randomly create your league. Once the first game starts, you can view your final team and your opponent's team in your account section. PLEASE NOTE, that once you submit your team, YOU CAN modify it at any time prior to the games start time.


How are leagues created?

All of our leagues are randomly generated right before the first game starts. This allows us to avoid any collusion issues between teams. In the future, we hope to create private leagues so that you will have a chance to set up your own games.


How does the draft work?

Fantazzle believes that you should be able to pick any player you want to increase the amount of skill involved. If someone gets the first pick of a draft then they have an advantage that no one else has. At Fantazzle you can choose any player you like. That way, you can stick with using your knowledge based on matchups and other factors. Ultimately, you could pick the exact same team as someone else.


What if there is a tie?

Due to the increase in the amount of players you must choose to fill your lineup, ties should not happen often. If there are ties, the teams tying will split the cash prize equally.

Example 1: If there is only one winner in the fantasy game, then the total cash prize will be split equally. If first prize is $20 and two players tie, then $10 will be given to each player. If there is a three-way tie, then each player will receive $6.67.
Example 2: If there is a first and second place prize and two players tie for first place, then they will both share in the combined amount of 1st and 2nd place. If 1st place is $20 and 2nd place is $10, then the total prize pool is $30 and each player will receive $15 each.
Example 3: If there is a first and second place prize and two players tie for second place, then those two players will share the 2nd place prize. If it is $10, then each player will receive $5 while 1st place will win the amount stated.

In case of a 1st-place tie in the SuperStakes Sundays Satellites, there will be a private game held the following week for the $200 entry into the SuperStakes Sundays contest.


What if one of my players does not play?

If your player does not play, he receives no points. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You need to pick a team that will score the most points on game day and make smart decisions for questionable players.


When do games close for registration?

Games will be open for registration up until the game start time, but not all of them. We keep an eye on the number of registrations and leagues; as some games fill we will close them. This minimizes the number of leagues that are cancelled due to insufficient entries. Don't worry, there will always be games available right up until the game starts, but the choice of game type, entry fee and league size will decrease the longer you wait. We recommend that you register as early as possible to avoid the possibility of your exact game specifications not being available.

For example, we may close the Challenge/$5/10player game if we have reached full leagues with 10 minutes left before kickoff. This will help us avoid two players registering only to have their entry cancelled due to not reaching the minimum of six players needed. There will always be some combo of games that will have spaces open.


How do you deal with player scoring revisions?

We provide free live scoring during most of our games and the stats are provided by our stats provider. After the game has ended we receive a final box score with stats for each game. After receiving the final box score we then "grade" each game and award cash prizes accordingly. On a rare occasion the stat provider will revise the box scores after the final box score has been released. In the event of this occurring the player scores will not be updated and the graded games will not be revised.

Please note that this is different from a correction that needs to be made due to a problem with our data feed or system. In the case of these issues, we will fix the games and award the cash prizes in accordance with the true results.


What if a player I want is not in the list of players?

Sorry, you can only select players from the available pool. We have chosen the most relevant fantasy players from the player pool and think that you will be able to build a great roster from the group. In cases that a player has been hurt and their replacement is not listed, we will make sure they are included in the game for the next game. Everyone has the same available player pool so no one will gain an unfair advantage. If you continually don't see a player you would like to have selected, send us an email and we will try to include them in future games.


What if a game does not have enough players?

If a game does not have enough players, there are two possibilities:
1. The game will be cancelled and all players who registered will have their entry fee returned. We do not want to disappoint our players and will try our hardest to cancel games as little as possible.
2. We will create a smaller group with the players who have checked the box on the player selection screen that states: "I would like my team submitted to a different-sized league with the same entry fee is this one doesn't fill to capacity." Click here to view our prize chart for different size leagues. Please note: While we do our best to allow users this option, Fantazzle reserves the final decision on doing so in cases we deem our in best interest for the majority of the players involved.


Rain-outs and Postponed Games Rules

Anytime a game is postponed and made up within the same period (i.e. weekly, monthly, weekend and season games) we add the game to the period. Many times Major League Baseball will rearrange the games and change the start times of the games that are going to be played if there is a double header. We will look at the games in detail and work with our stats provider to figure out which game we are using when following our policy.

If a game is postponed and rescheduled a week later we will not use it for the current week; if a game is rescheduled outside of a monthly or half-season game the same rules apply.

In daily games, if a game is postponed or rescheduled, often times the start time for the actual game that is meant to be played will change. In this case we must remove the make-up game and add the actual scheduled game accordingly.

How do I deposit?

Log-in to your account and go to the Cashier. To learn about our deposit methods (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), go to our deposits page.


How do I withdraw?

Log-in to your account and go to the Cashier. Choose how much you want to withdraw (it can be less than your balance). Withdraws can be sent to a PayPal account or by physical check. Fantazzle also requires that you email or fax a copy of a valid state-issued identification or a passport before your withdrawal can be processed. We have implemented this to be sure you're of age and live in a state that doesn't currently restrict Fantazzle's games. Expect a PayPal withdraw to be made within six days and a mailed check to arrive within 10-14 business days (and hopefully sooner...we will be keeping track of the amount of time it takes to receive to make sure that the service is above average).

For more details on withdrawing, please see the Game rules page.


Does Fantazzle have withdrawal fees?

Fantazzle does not charge any fees for withdrawal to a PayPal account. However, there are fees for making more than one withdrawal every thirty days. The fee for a second withdrawal within thirty days is $10 and for the third withdrawal within thirty days (and every consecutive withdrawal after that) the fee rises to $25. Fantazzle also charges a $1.75 check issuing fee if you do not have a PayPal account and $3.75 for any withdrawal of less than $10.


What about fees for non-depositing customers?

There are fees for non-depositing customers. Fantazzle offers many free games intended as bonuses and special promotions for our depositing customers rather than as prizes to be given to players who visit the site and only play free games. As such Fantazzle has the following withdrawal requirements in place for non-depositing customers.

1.) Non-Depositing Customers cannot withdraw less than $30.

2.) For Non-Depositing Customers, Fantazzle will charge a 75% fee for any withdrawal between $30 and $100 before any other check fees or withdrawal fees.

3.) For Non-Depositing Customers, Fantazzle will charge a 50% fee for any withdrawal between $101 and $250 before any other check fees or withdrawal fees.

4.) For Non-Depositing Customers, Fantazzle will charge a 35% fee for any withdrawal more than $250 before any other check fees or withdrawal fees.

5.) For Non-Depositing Customers who win prize money in our special promotional games with large payouts, those balances will be subject to rollover requirements before being withdrawn and then are further subject to the withdrawal fees above.

6.) Can I simply deposit $10 and then withdraw all my winnings without being subjected to these fees? No, Fantazzle requires a 6x rollover of the total balance in a user's account immediately prior that user's first deposit.

Fantazzle will use the fees collected from these games to reinvest in other prizes on the site and special contests for our depositing customers.


Does Fantazzle have game transaction fees or other 'hidden' costs?

Absolutely not! N-O spells NO. Fantazzle does not believe in charging fees for making roster moves. These transaction fees can pile up and make picking your team a pricey proposition. The only cost you'll pay is the entry fee for entering a game.


What is FanStock?

FanStock is Fantazzle's unique program where you use FanStock instead of cash so you can play in our fantasy games for FREE!


How do I earn FanStock ?

There are a bunch of ways to earn FanStock such as making your first deposit, referring your friends, creating an account, and many other ways that will be developed in the future.


How do I spend FanStock?

When you have earned enough FanStock for an entry fee into a fantasy game, you can use it just like cash. Register for a game and on the play games page check: 'Use FanStock' to register. This will allow you to play a game with your FanStock instead of the money in your account. Your account will be debited the amount of FanStock you use (although your lifetime FanStock will not change). If you win, you will win cash, not FanStock.

spend FanStock


What is the FanStock progress bar?

The FanStock progress bar shows you the percentage of CURRENT FanStock that is available to use. Some FanStock that is earned requires certain actions before you can use it. The most common actions are:

    1. Verifying your email address - when you create an account at Fantazzle, we start you off with 200 FanStock shares. In order to use those shares, you must verify your email address (you can do this on your Account overview page or Email tab in your account). Once you do, you can start spending those 200 shares at any time.

    2. Earn your deposit bonus - when you make a deposit of $20 or more, Fantazzle gives you FREE cash. Before you can spend it, you must make sure you follow the bonus requirements. Our fantasy deposit bonus usually requires you to play our fantasy games with the money you deposited first prior to playing with your free cash. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to earn the cash. Play fantasy games regularly and your progress bar will be at 100% in no time at all!

If your progress bar is at 100%, you can spend your FanStock like cash right away. Just go to the 'Play Fantasy Games' page and check the box 'Use FanStock' to play fantasy games for free. If it's less than 100% (and not 0%), you still have FanStock that you can use, but not the full amount until you fulfill all requirements.

Example - You earned 200 FanStock for creating an account and another 50,000 FanStock for depositing $200. Congrats! You have just received over $50 in free cash from Fantazzle. Before you can spend it, you need to fulfill the requirements. As you play games, your progress bar will slowly increase. Let's say you verify your email address, which will allow you to spend the 200 FanStock you get credited. To be able to spend the 50,000 FanStock, you need to play $800 worth of games.


What is the difference between FanStock balance and lifetime FanStock?

Your FanStock balance is the amount of FanStock you have to spend on fantasy sports games. Your lifetime FanStock balance is the total FanStock you have ever earned (even if you have spent some on games). Lifetime FanStock is the amount of stock you have for Fantazzle votes.


How do I vote with FanStock?

In addition to using FanStock to play for free in fantasy games, you also have voting power for each share you own. Fantazzle believes in giving our players a voice for the direction of the company and the more shares you own, the more voice you have. Fantazzle will hold several votes each year where our players make decisions for the company. Don't worry, they won't be about running the business, but be topics like what games to offer, how to modify games, what content to provide and so on.


When do I get FantaStock credited to my account?

Automatically. Nearly every action that earns you FanStock, you will receive your FanStock points through our automated system. If the action does not automatically reward you points, we will tell you and let you know what needs to be done to receive the points. This is different than in the past when our system was not updated. Always improving! You can check your FanStock history on your Account page.


Why does Fantazzle not accept deposits from some states?

There are some US states where playing fantasy sports skill games for entry fees are not allowed. In order for Fantazzle to be compliant with local law, Fantazzle cannot offer games in these states. We cannot accept any deposit from players who live in these states and additionally we cannot process withdraws to these states.


Another player has insulted me, what can I do?

We ask our fantasy sports community to be respectful to all of its members. Trash talking is part of playing fantasy sports, but don't go over the edge. If Fantazzle decides that you have gone too far, Fantazzle uses a three strikes and you are out policy (except under extreme situations). Any remark reported will go on your permanent record and once you reach three of these, we will close your account. We don't anticipate having to do this. Fantasy sports is about having fun, not being a jerk. We also ask all of our players to not take things too personally. If you are not ready to take some good ol' fun trash talking, you might want to reconsider playing fantasy sports.


How do I set-up my email preferences?

To set-up your email preferences, log-in and go to your account page. Once there, you can select which communications you wish to receive from Fantazzle.

How many emails will you send me?

Fantazzle believes in a firm email policy. We DO NOT want to stuff your email box. Fantazzle will send three or less promotional emails per month and one or less third party emails per month. You can expect to receive no more than four emails from Fantazzle a month. Less than one a week.

We also offer an optional fantasy sports newsletter full of useful information for playing fantasy sports. These are sent on average once per week, but again these are optional. If you do not see the value they provide, you can shut them off at any time in your account section.

Lastly, we send emails to confirm your registration in a game, when you make a deposit or withdraw, results for your game, and when your league has been set. If you do not wish to receive these 'auto' emails', you can go to your account and turn these off as well. These are designed to communicate the actions you take on the site, but can be easily turned off if you feel you don't need them.


I am not receiving any Fantazzle emails, why not?

There could be many reasons why you are not receiving emails from Fantazzle, but the main two reasons to check are:

  • Your account preferences have the emails turned off. Go to your account and change your email preferences.
  • Your email provider (Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, etc) may be putting Fantazzle emails into a junk folder. To make sure your emails go to your in-box, make sure you have any emails from put onto your safe list. For help on adding emails to your safe list, you can check out ExactTarget's insightful directions.

If you do not see the answer to your question in the FAQ section, send us an email.



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