Fantasy Site Link Program

If you would like to share links with Fantazzle, please send us an email selecting Website, and write Link Share as the subject. Fantazzle is a new site, but we will quickly make an impact on reaching great sites.

Please send the URL of the fantasy link page with Fantazzle's link using the following information:

Link Name: Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games


Description: provides weekly fantasy games for fantasy football, basketball, baseball, auto racing, golf, and hockey.

Description 2: provides free and entry fee fantasy sports games and contests for weekly cash prizes.

You may choose what description best fits your site and is optional if your site does not support it.

Here is the code:







Once the fantasy link is live, please send us your information in the same format and we will put the link up within 48 hours. We will look at the website content and make sure it is appropriate and useful to our audience. It is important that our fan base is considered as the first priority for recommending your website.

We also have several additional content daily fantasy sports game sites and blogs that we can work together with as well if the content matches up well. Mention this when you send us an email and sites that you have in your network.

If you have a page that supports fantasy web banner links, you can be one of the first fantasy sites to start our banner link page. Follow the instructions above and also use any of our fantasy site banners on your page and we will create a new page for your banner. Please make sure to link the banner to


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