FanStock Promotions

FanStock is Fantazzle’s unique fantasy sports loyalty-reward program. Earn free fantasy game entries and win cash prizes playing at Fantazzle using your FanStock shares. You can use FanStock to enter in any of our fantasy sports games for free. Fantazzle offers fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy racing, fantasy golf, fantasy basketball, and fantasy hockey.

Visit the “My Promotions” tab on your account page to see all the ways you can earn FanStock.

Earning FanStock is easy. All you have to do is participate at Fantazzle like you normally do and you get rewarded! You can use FanStock shares to play free fantasy games.

Earning FanStock

Wherever you see a -, click on it to earn FanStock shares. Visit your Account -> My Promos page for a customized list of opportunities and history of earnings. Simply put, earn FanStock and use it as cash to play games. Here is a list of some of the ways to earn FanStock.


Account Creation

  • 200 shares for creating an account
  • Update your profile and upload an image to earn more shares.


Visit our Website

How much easier can it get? Every day you visit our website, you get 10 points. You have to spend some time on it to qualify, but you’ll figure it out. Make sure you login! A day is from 12:00am ET to 11:59pm ET.


Personalize Your Account

Receive FanStock points for personalizing your account. Here are some of the opportunities that are available:

  • Upload an image – 50 FanStock points
  • Fill out About Me – 50 FanStock points
  • Fill out Favorite Sports – 50 FanStock points
  • Fill out Name/City, State – 50 FanStock points

Make sure you visit your Account -> My Promos page for all the opportunities available to you. If you have already done these actions, you will still receive credit by updating any changes.


When you make cash deposits, you receive FanStock. The more you deposit, the better ‘Return on Investment’. You can use PayPal or any major credit card to receive FanStock.

First Deposit Amount FanStock Points Maximum Bonus Amount
$300 to $800 $75 to $200 in cash 25% of deposit
$200 to $299 50,000 – $50 in cash 25% (best value)
$100 to $199 17,000 – $17 in cash 17% (better value)
$50 to $99 5,000 – $5 in cash 10%
$20 to $49 1,000 5%
$10 to $19 0 0%

Make a Deposit and Play Games!

If you created an account, personalized your account (less than 3 min), visited our blog and signed up for Fantazzle’s Twitter and Facebook, made at least a $200 deposit, referred one friend, and play two games that are $50 or more, you just earned over $50.



For every friend that creates an account, you earn FanStock points and so will your friend. The more friends you refer, the more points you receive. In addition, if your friend makes a deposit, you receive more points. Earn up to 11,000 FanStock points per friend with no limit.

SPECIAL – For a limited time, all your friend has to do is create an account. In the future, a deposit will be required so take advantage of this bonus now!

We have made referring friends as easy as possible. On the Account –> “Refer Friend” tab, we provide tools to automate friend referrals. In addition, each user has their own unique URL to refer friends. You can copy and paste your URL and use it any way you like.

  • Friend creates an account – 1,000 FanStock
  • Friend makes a deposit – 10,000 FanStock

Play Games

Play in entry fee games and you receive FanStock. Do what you normally do – play games! No additional action required. The bigger the entry fee, the more points you receive.

Entry Fee Amount FanStock Points
$0 to $9 0
$10 to $19 20
$20 to $49 50
$50 to $99 100
$100 and up 200


Signing up for Fantazzle Social Media Accounts

Want more ways to earn FanStock? We got ’em! Stay up to date with Fantazzle’s social media profiles and earn points. Take a look at the most up to date opportunities on your Account -> My Promos page.

(Note: If you have signed up in the past for the items above, you can still get points. Just click the link in your account and receive the points. Please do this soon as this offer will expire soon.)


Opportunities to Come

We’re not done yet! We will add new opportunities all the time. The best way to keep up is to login to your account and go to the My Promos tab. You’ll see all the ways to earn additional FanStock points along with completed items. You can also learn of different opportunities by reading the Fantazzle Blog, receiving notices from Fantazzle’s social media accounts like Facebook, and by reading emails we send you. Don’t worry about the amount of emails. We keep the frequency down so that the updates you do receive are worth reading.


Other Interactions

  • Visit our web banners
  • Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter
  • Read our Fantazzle Blog

Everyday you visit Fantazzle, and for every game you enter, you earn more shares.


Spending FanStock

Once you start earning shares, you can spend them in the following ways:


  • 5,000 shares = $5 entry fee in any of our games.
  • 10,000 shares = $10 entry fee
  • 20,000 shares = $20 entry fee

Fantazzle will create different opportunities in the future to earn even more shares!

Register for a game like normal, but select the ‘Use FanStock’ box to enter the game for free. The system will deduct FanStock instead of cash.


Voting Shares

Fantazzle will hold shareholder votes several times a year. When we hold votes, you can use your Lifetime FanStock shares to share your opinion. The more shares you have, the more votes you have! The amount of LIFETIME shares will be the amount of votes we count for your opinion. Just like a real stockholder’s meeting. If you spend your FanStock on games, don’t worry, your Lifetime FanStock shares will never decrease.



Here are some additional details for FanStock:

  • FanStock cannot be withdrawn and can only be used on the website.
  • When you use FanStock for your entry fee, you receive cash prizes if you win to play in future games.
  • Your current FanStock balance, if unused, will expire one year and one month from the day you received the shares. This is done in order to decrease the number of shares outstanding and not being used. We believe giving you over one year to use your shares is reasonable.
  • During voting, any unused shares will not be counted towards the vote and only those who used their shares will count.
  • When a vote is complete, Fantazzle will release the results to the public and show the percentage that the vote passed by.
  • FanStock cannot be transferred to other members and other members cannot give proxy rights to other members for their vote.
  • If you withdraw prior to earning your FanStock promotion, the promotion and FanStock is forfeited (if FanStock was already released and used, we will debit accordingly prior to a withdraw)
  • Deposit bonuses have a rollover requirement that must be met before the FanStock is released. You can see this info in your Account – Cashier section

If you have any additional questions on FanStock, don’t hesitate to send us an email.