Fantazzle offers the best fantasy sports games online for fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy racing, fantasy golf, fantasy hockey, and fantasy basketball! Our fantasy games test your skills and reward cash prizes to the winners. Unlike most fantasy sports games where games are season long, most of Fantazzle's games are played for short durations. Our games are played daily and weekly, depending upon the sport.

As soon as a game ends, cash prizes are awarded immediately. There is no game to game commitment, and you can play whenever you want to. There are also no live drafts. Choose your entry fee, league size, and any player, and Fantazzle will do the rest. Leagues are randomly generated and announced as soon as the game starts. All of our games offer live scoring for you enjoyment!

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Fantazzle currently offers fantasy games for football, baseball, basketball, racing, golf, and hockey. We also offer special promotion games like the Ray Rice Football Game.

Challenge Games are simple to play. You select players according to the game's roster requirements. Requirements are created from positions (example - quarterback, shortstop, racers, etc) and are unique for each sport. This is the only rule for Challenge Games, simple and easy! You never have to worry about your player being taken since you can choose any player you want. Ties are possible, but rare.

Salary Cap Games are similar to Challenge Games, but with one added dimension. Like Challenge Games, you must select a fantasy roster based on position requirements, but in Salary Cap Games, you must also stay under the fantasy salary cap. Each player costs $X and you cannot spend more than $1,000,000 to fill out your roster. The bigger fantasy studs cost more, so you have to be wise when selecting a team.

Fantasy Sports Salary Cap Games

Pick'em Games are a unique way to play fantasy. In Pick'em Games, you pick a fantasy player who will score the most fantasy points for each game matchup. The outcome of the pro game does not matter. What matters is choosing the better fantasy player for each game. Your fantasy team will consist of one player from each professional game. For football, you choose a quarterback for each game.

Fantasy Sports Pick'em Games

Fantasy Sport Bracket Games

Fantasy Sport Bracket Games Fantasy Sports Bracket Games are one of the best known contest formats in the US thanks to the NCAA Men's basketball March Madness tournament. In addition, Fantazzle Fantasy Games will find interesting games for our players to play fantasy sports in the future. Creating a fantasy football bracket game or another type of fantasy sport could be an interesting a new way for our players to play fantasy games. It will allow our players to get involved in some of the most exciting tournaments in sports today. Players can fill out their respected fantasy game bracket and receive points for having correct picks and moving on to the next round. The more correct picks you have, the better shot you have at winning large cash prizes at the end of the fantasy bracket game.

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Fantazzle Fantasy Sports will continue to create the best fantasy sports games available online. Our daily and weekly fantasy game format is the new way to play fantasy sports. We offer free fantasy games and free live scoring. If you have any suggestions or comments about our fantasy games, feel free to send us an email.

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games is NOT affiliated with any professional sports league. All of Fantazzle's fantasy games are created by Fantazzle Fantasy Sports for Fantazzle Fantasy Sports.

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