Fantasy Baseball Challenge Games

Fantasy Baseball Challenge GameOur Fantasy Baseball Challenge game tests your fantasy skills for batting statistics. You must select a lineup that consists of 1 Catcher, 1 First baseman, 1 Second baseman, 1 Third baseman, 1 Shortstop, and 3 Outfielders. Note that there are no Pitchers in the Challenge game. The fantasy team that scores the most points after their game term ends, wins the game and the cash prize.

There is a Daily Fantasy Baseball Challenge every day there are three or more games and we also have challenge games available in month long and half-season durations, giving you more chances to win. You can play as many games as you want and multiple times per game.

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Fantasy Baseball Salary CapEveryday there are at least three games on the MLB schedule Fantazzle will be holding Daily Fantasy Baseball Challenge games.

The only requirement for these games is that you fill your roster following the roster requirements below. Simply choose 1 catcher, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 third baseman, 1 short stop and 3 outfielders and score more points than your opponent and you win.

Fantasy Baseball Monthly Challenge Game

Fantasy Baseball Challenge GamesOur Monthly Challenge game will start on the first of every month and go until the last day of the month. Contestants will be able to modify and submit their lineups each Monday, allowing you to pick who you want when you want each week of the monthly game.

Fantasy Baseball Halfseason Challenge Game

Fantasy Baseball Challenge GamesThe half-season fantasy baseball challenge game will act similar to our monthly challenge game but only over a longer duration. The first half season game will go from the second week of the MLB season until the All-Star break whereas the second half-season game will go from the All-Star Break until the end of the season. Again, allowing you to modify your lineup each Monday.

Free Fantasy Baseball Games

Free fantasy baseball games will be available every week there is a full slate of MLB games. Fantazzle will also be holding several special free fantasy baseball games including: season-long, mid-season, and monthly free fantasy baseball games.

Be sure to come back to Fantazzle each week to see what kind of free games we have to offer for that specific week. Win cash for playing for free!

Fantasy Baseball Challenge Roster

For the Fantasy Baseball Challenge game, you must select:
1 Catcher (C)
1 First Baseman (1B)
1 Second Baseman (2B)
1 Third Baseman (3B)
1 Shortstop (SS)
3 Outfielders (OF)

Fantasy Baseball Scoring

Single: 1 point
Double: 2 points
Triple: 3 points
Homerun: 4 points
Walk (BB): 1 point
Run (R): 2 points
Run Batted in (RBI): 2 points
Stolen Base: 2 points

If the fantasy baseball challenge format isn't enough for you, we welcome you to try our fantasy baseball pick'em and fantasy baseball salary cap games, as well.

Play Fantasy Baseball Challenge

Step 1: Select your Fantasy Baseball Challege Game term (Daily or Weekly Game). THE MORE YOU PLAY THE MORE YOU WIN.

Step 2: Select the Fantasy Baseball Challenge Game and select your entry fee and league size.

Step 3: Create your fantasy baseball team selecting 1 Catcher, 1 First baseman, 1 Second baseman, 1 Third baseman, 1 Shortstop, 3 Outfielders and 1 Utility.

Step 4: Confirm your selections (note: you can modify your fantasy lineup up until 5 minutes before the start of the game).

Step 5: Enjoy the games! Follow your league's scoring live from the page: Account > Fantasy Baseball Games.

Baseball Challenge Add'l Info

For detailed questions for the Fantasy Baseball Challenge like "What happens if there is tie?" or "How are leagues created?", visit our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email.

Fantazzle offers the best fantasy baseball games online! Play fantasy baseball and win cash prizes at Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games.


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