Free Fantasy Baseball Games

Fantazzle will be offering various free fantasy baseball games throughout the 2011 MLB season. In addition to these games being completely free of charge, the games offer great cash prizes for every owner.

We will have at least one free fantasy baseball game every week, but make sure to check out which format of the game is in store for that week. With so many different ones to offer, we are rotating all of the action for our users to enjoy.

We offer fantasy baseball games that cater to everyone from the casual to diehard fan. This is a chance for you to flex your knowledge and proudly display your fantasy baseball expertise. With our selection of free fantasy baseball games, there really is something for everyone to enjoy within the community here at Fantazzle.

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Free Fantasy Baseball Game Formats

The free fantasy baseball challenge has you utilize a roster of 1 catcher, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 third baseman, 1 shortstop and three outfielders.

The free fantasy baseball salary cap requires that you build a roster of 1 catcher, 1 first baseman, 1 second baseman, 1 third baseman, 1 shortstop and three outfielders while staying under the $1,000,000 fantasy budget.

Free season-long games last the duration of the MLB season and follow the same roster requirements as our other fantasy baseball games, only you can update your roster each Monday before the first pitch and pick who you want when you want!

We will often times have a free mid-season fantasy baseball game. These games will run from the All-Star break through the end of the MLB regular season.

Free weekly fantasy baseball games will be held each week there are enough fantasy baseball games on the schedule. You can also look for Free Daily Fantasy Baseball games on certain days throughout the week.

We will also be adding free monthly fantasy baseball games to our new fantasy baseball schedule this season.

Fantasy Baseball Scoring Breakdown

  • Single: 1 point
  • Double: 2 points
  • Triple: 3 points
  • Homerun: 4 points
  • Walk (BB): 1 point
  • Run (R): 2 points
  • Run Batted in (RBI): 2 points
  • Stolen Base: 2 points

As soon as the game ends, the cash prize is immediately awarded to the winner. Unlike traditional fantasy baseball games, you receive your prize right away and are not committed for the full season. There is never a game to game commitment!

Please note, games are cancelled if there are not 51% or more entries for a league. If this happens, your entry fee will be returned immediately. Play free fantasy baseball games to try it out!


Fantasy Baseball Add’l Info

For detailed questions for the Fantasy Baseball Challenge such as “What happens if there is tie?” or “How are leagues created?”, visit our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email.

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