Fantasy Basketball Games

Fantazzle offers daily, weekly, monthly and season-long fantasy basketball games. Our daily Fantasy Basketball games are available every day that there are at least three games on the NBA schedule, while the Weekly Fantasy Basketball Games are available every single week, beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday.

Like all of Fantazzle’s games, once the final NBA game in your contest is over, cash prizes are immediately deposited to the winning team’s account. There is no live draft or long season to deal with, and you can select players any time you want AND any player you want.

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Fantasy Basketball Games

Fantasy basketball has never been better, and we invite you to try our free fantasy basketball games or jump right in and play our entry fee fantasy games for bigger cash prizes. Fantazzle currently offers a daily, weekly, monthly and season long fantasy basketball game, catering to our fantasy basketball community by offering a great lineup of short duration basketball games, as well as another option for season long basketball. Play fantasy basketball for cash prizes in both our free and entry fee fantasy basketball games!


Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap


Pick 2 Centers/3 Guards/3 Forwards/2 Utility Players that you think will score the most fantasy points while staying under the fantasy salary cap. For each Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap gameyou have a fantasy budget of $1,000,000 to create a fantasy basketball roster. Spend your money wisely and piece together the best fantasy basketball team you can.

Daily Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap is available every day there are three or more games on the schedule.

Weekly Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap starts with the first game every Monday of the Fantasy Basketball season.

Season Long Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap games run from the beginning of the NBA season and conclude with the very last game. As your players’ salaries adjust your team’s overall budget adjust as well!

NOTE: We may start Season-Long Fantasy Basketball games in the 2nd week of the season and Weekly Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap Games may sometimes start on days other than Monday.

Fantasy Basketball Pick’em


The fantasy basketball pick’em game requires that you select one player from each predetermined matchup listed. The pick’em game uses the same scoring format as all of Fantazzle’s daily and weekly fantasy basketball games. In order to win, you must simply have the most correct selections in your league.

The tiebreaker for the fantasy basketball pick’em will be whoever scores the most fantasy basketball points using Fantazzle’s standard fantasy basketball scoring format.


Fantasy Basketball Limited Lineup


Put together the best possible fantasy basketball team by selecting 2 Centers/3 Guards/3 Forwards – one player from each predetermined group. Each group consists of 3-6 players that are considered to be at similar levels, as far as fantasy basketball is concerned. All of our fantasy basketball games use the same scoring settings (see below).

Fantazzle’s Fantasy Basketball Limited Lineup game is played every day that there are at least six scheduled games during the NBA season.


Fantasy Basketball Challenge


Put together the best possible fantasy basketball team by picking ANY player you want, while selecting 2 Centers/3 Guards/3 Forwards/2 Utility Players. All of our fantasy basketball games use the same roster and scoring settings.


Fantasy Basketball Playoff Games


Fantazzle’s Fantasy Basketball Playoff games are like our regular season games, but will only use the playoff teams’ rosters and last in slightly different durations.

Just like with our regular season fantasy basketball games, Pick 2 Centers/3 Guards/3 Forwards/2 Utility Players that will score the most fantasy points in each specific round, while staying under the salary cap.

For each Fantasy Basketball Playoff game you have must create a fantasy basketball team for each designated NBA playoff day, round or simply for the entirety of the playoffs. Select your teams wisely and field the best fantasy basketball lineup you can in each given duration.


Fantasy Basketball Scoring

We use the following scoring for all of our fantasy basketball games –

  • Points: 1 point each (ex – FGs are 2 pts, FTs are 1 pt, and 3 pointers are 3 pts.)
  • Rebounds: 1 point ( for both offensive and defensive rebounds)
  • Assists: 1 point
  • Steals: 2 points
  • Blocked Shots: 2 points

If you have any questions about our fantasy basketball game or about any of other fantasy sports games like fantasy football and fantasy hockey, check out Fantasy Sports FAQ page or feel free to send us an email.