Fantasy Basketball Pick’em Games

The Fantasy Basketball Pick’em game is a fantasy basketball game that tests your skills in picking correct fantasy matchups. Simply pick the player you think will score the most fantasy points using Fantazzle’s fantasy basketball scoring rules.

All you have to do is select your entry fee, league size, and then you will go to the player selection screen. From there, choose from the predetermined matchups and the person with the most correct choices wins.

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Fantasy Basketball Pick’em Rules

Fantazzle’s fantasy basketball games are mostly daily or weekly games that run every day there are at least 3 NBA games scheduled. However, our fantasy basketball pick’em game is a unique game that will be used for games like the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Fantasy Basketball Scoring

All of our fantasy basketball games use the following scoring:
Points: 1 point each (example – field goals are 2 pts, free throws are 1 pt, and 3 pointers are 3 pts.)
Rebounds: 1 point (both offensive and defensive rebounds)
Assists: 1 point
Steals: 2 points
Blocked Shots: 2 points

Fantazzle uses Sports Data for basketball games official scoring. Scoring is not final until the fantasy game has ended and winners have been determined. Follow the fantasy game with live scoring!

All-Star Weekend Fantasy Basketball


The NBA All-Star Weekend Pick’em game has you choose between contestants in the Rookie vs. Sophomore game, three-point and slam dunk competitions, and also the All-Star game, itself.

Choose which star will out duel the other in the NBA All-Star weekend events. Fantasy Points are only awarded to the players that make it furthest (no points awarded for three pointers made in three-point competition or for dunk competition scores). The tie-breaker will be total fantasy points in the All-Star game.


Basketball Draft Pick’em


Fantazzle’s Basketball Draft Pick’Em game is a unique way to play fantasy basketball, and brings even more uniqueness to the one of a kind game. This contest will match players from the upcoming NBA Draft against one another with owners selecting who they think will be selected before the other. It is important to do your research on team needs and who is drafting in which slot. Record more correct selections than your opponent and you win. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.


Play Fantasy Basketball Pick’em

Step 1: Select the fantasy basketball game, entry fee, and league size.

Step 2: Choose which selection will score the most points.

Step 3: Confirm your basketball players.

Step 4: Enjoy the games and follow your league’s scoring live.


Basketball Pick’em Add’l Info

Basketball player salaries are created by Fantazzle and can change week to week. They will be based on real life salaries and how players perform during the season. For detailed questions you may have like “What happens if there is tie?” or “How are leagues created?”, visit our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email. Fantazzle offers the best weekly fantasy basketball games online! Play fantasy basketball and win cash prizes at the most innovative fantasy game site on the Internet.