Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap Game

The Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap game tests your abilities in managing a fantasy basketball team through each round of the NBA playoffs. This gives you an opportunity to draft a fantasy team in each round of the NBA playoffs . You are given $1,000,000 to create a fantasy team that consists of 2 Centers, 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, and 2 Utility players. Spend your salary cap money wisely.

Deciding on your draft strategy is as important as ever with the Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap game. Target the players and teams who have the best chance of lasting the longest in each specified round. Play fantasy basketball today and win! Enjoy free live scoring so you can keep track of your fantasy team and opponents players during all NBA playoff games.

Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap (Round-by-Round)

The round-by-round format for the Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap Game gives you the best chance for production out of your drafted team, while providing a playoff-like atmosphere. Draft your fantasy basketball team based on how long you expect specific NBA teams and players to last in each round, and gain an edge on the other users in your pool. Like all of our fantasy games at Fantazzle, there is no commitment to play and you can play as little or as often as you wish.


Fantasy Basketball Playoff Long Salary Cap

The playoff-long format for the Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap Game requires that you choose your lineup at the beginning of the playoffs (or mentioned round) and keep it for the duration. It is recommended that you consider who has the best chance of making it to the NBA Finals so your players compete in the most playoff games. This will give you an advantage over someone whose players only last a round or two.


Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap Rules

Our Fantasy Basketball Playoff Salary Cap game is a round-by-round game that begins with the first game of the specified round, and ends with the final game of that round. Immediately when the game begins, you will be sent an email with your opponent’s lineup, and also have the ability to view free live scoring during all of the games.

Fantasy Basketball roster requirements:

  • 2 Centers
  • 3 Guards
  • 3 Forwards
  • 2 Utility Players (any position)

(Note: all players are categorized by their general position. For example, small forwards and power forwards are listed as Forwards, while all point guards and shooting guards are listed as Guards.)

Each player has a set designated salary, and you can spend up to $1,000,000 to create your team. Every position must be filled for your fantasy team before you can submit your team, and you must also remain under the salary cap allowed.


Fantasy Basketball Scoring

Our fantasy basketball playoff game uses the following scoring:

  • Points: 1 point each (example – field goals are 2 pts, free throws are 1 pt, and 3 pointers are 3 pts.)
  • Rebounds: 1 point (both offensive and defensive rebounds)
  • Assists: 1 point
  • Steals: 2 points
  • Blocked Shots: 2 points

Fantazzle uses Sports Data for all basketball games official scoring. Scoring is not final until the fantasy game is over and winners have been determined. Remember, you have the option to follow the fantasy game with live scoring!


Play Fantasy Basketball

Step 1:Select the fantasy basketball playoff game, entry fee, and league size.

Step 2:Create your team while staying under the fantasy salary cap.

Step 3:Confirm your fantasy basketball playoff team.

Step 4:Enjoy the NBA playoff games and the fantasy basketball game!