Season Long Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap

Fantasy Basketball Season Long Salary Cap Game

The Season Long Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap game tests your fantasy skills in managing a fantasy basketball team for an entire season. You are given a starting fantasy budget of $1 million to create a fantasy roster that consists of 2 Centers, 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, and 2 Utility players. Spend your salary cap money wisely, while mixing your lineup with fantasy studs and sleepers to gain an edge on the competition every week, throughout the season.

Build a fantasy lineup of big name players and fill the other slots with average players, or build a team strictly made up of fantasy sleepers and no stars. Your fantasy basketball knowledge and skills can dictate your lineup!

Play each week with a new roster, or stick with the players you want for the entire season!

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Season Long Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap Rules

Fantazzle's Season Long Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap game is a season long game that starts with the first game of the NBA season, and ends with the final game of the year. The Season Long Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap game begins each week with the first tip off of Monday's NBA game and ends with the final whistle of the last game on Sunday. As soon as your game begins, you will receive an email with your opponent's fantasy lineup, and then you can enjoy free live scoring during the games.

Be sure to fill your fantasy roster each week, as to avoid missing out on points due to injuries or players not playing in games during a specific week.

New for the 2012 Season: Season Fantasy Basketball Salary Cap Game Modification

To make our multiple period salary cap games better, we have created a new feature. YOU asked for it and we delivered.
Each week before your lineup is eligible to be modified, we update player salaries based on their performance and any other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Once that is finalized, we update salaries and open up the team modification link so you can set the upcoming period's lineup. In the past, players in your lineup would increase in salary and you would receive the benefit of having this player ONLY if you did not modify your lineup. This limited our players because if a player wanted to benefit from one of their player's increase in salary, they couldn't modify anyone else in their lineup.

But now with the change, this is no longer an issue and we also took it one step further. Not only will you get the benefit of owning a player in your lineup that increased in value AND modify anyone else in your lineup with no issues, but you also get an increase in your salary cap or team value. If you keep the player who went up in value, you now have a lineup that is above the starting salary cap of $1M. If you decide that you would rather have that player's value and strengthen your team elsewhere, you can sell this player and now have a salary that is $1M PLUS the increase in salary from the player.

For example: Period one you choose a lineup spending all $1M of your salary cap. In period two, one of your player's increases in value from $100,000 to $120,000. This will allows you to modify your lineup the following week and spend $1,020,000 for your players (or if you keep the player whose value increased, you now have a team that has a team value/salary cap value of $1,020,000).

Note, that your salary cap/team value will never decrease past $1M. You may lose some of your salary cap if you increased it from previous periods, but it will never decrease past the starting salary cap of $1M. The sky is the limit for a salary cap increasing, but it will only decrease to $1M.

Fantasy Basketball roster requirements:

  • 2 Centers
  • 3 Guards
  • 3 Forwards
  • 2 Utility Players (any position)

Fantasy Basketball Scoring

All of our fantasy basketball games use the following scoring:

  • Points: 1 point each (example - field goals are 2 pts, free throws are 1 pt, and 3 pointers are 3 pts.)
  • Rebounds: 1 point (both offensive and defensive rebounds)
  • Assists: 1 point
  • Steals: 2 points
  • Blocked Shots: 2 points

Fantazzle uses Sports Data for basketball games official scoring. Scoring is not final until the fantasy game has ended and winners have been determined. Follow the fantasy game with live scoring!

Play Fantasy Basketball

Step 1:Select the fantasy basketball game, entry fee, and league size.

Step 2:Create your team while staying under $1 million.

Step 3:Confirm your basketball players.

Step 4:Enjoy the games and follow your league's scoring live.

Basketball Salary Cap Add'l Info

Basketball player salaries are created by Fantazzle and can change week to week. They will be based on real life salaries and how players perform during the season. For detailed questions you may have like "What happens if there is tie?" or "How are leagues created?", visit our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email. Fantazzle offers the best weekly fantasy basketball games online! Play fantasy basketball and win cash prizes at the most innovative fantasy game site on the Internet.


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