2012 College Basketball Games

Fantasy Bracket Game

2012 College Basketball Games have arrived at Fantazzle. Fantazzle's College Basketball Games will feature the 2012 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament, and this year we are taking the tournament to another level.

Not only will we be offering Free College Basketball Bracket Games, but Pick'em, Limited Lineup and College Basketball Salary Cap Games will also be available.

Games is not a typo. Not only will we have the traditional Free College Basketball bracket game when the tournament starts, but FREE bracket games for the second round (32 teams) and third round (Sweet Sixteen) as well. Fantazzle is giving our players three chances to win free cash!

New games will be available on a daily and round-by-round basis, including those three free bracket games!

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Bracket GameTo win a College Basketball Bracket Game, you must outscore all the other contestants by recording the most bracket points. You will receive points for every correct winner you have on your bracket.

Please note the following details for this game:

  • All prizes will be given out at the conclusion of College Basketball.
  • You must select a winner for each matchup. If your bracket is incomplete, you'll receive no points.
  • You may modify your lineup any time before the first round (or other round depending on the bracket you are entering) of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins.
  • Only one free entry per person in each free bracket game. Anyone found with more than one entry will be disqualified for all free game entries and all PAST and present prizes won will be forfeited from your account. It's just a bad idea.

For more details, game rules and information please visit the College Basketball Bracket Game Rules and Small Print page.

College Basketball Pick'em Game

Pick'em GameThe College Basketball pick'em game requires that you select one player from each predetermined matchup listed. The pick'em game uses the same scoring format as all of Fantazzle's daily and weekly fantasy basketball games. In order to win, you must simply have the most correct selections in your league.

The tiebreaker for the fantasy basketball pick'em will be whoever scores the most fantasy basketball points using Fantazzle's standard fantasy basketball scoring format.

For more details on this game, see the NBA basketball pick'em game page. Scoring info can be found on this page as well and on the bottom of this page.


College Basketball Salary Cap Game

Salary Cap Game
For the College Basketball Salary Cap game you have a fantasy budget of $1,000,000 to create a fantasy basketball roster. Spend your money wisely and piece together the best fantasy basketball team you can. Be sure to fill in all required positions and spend $1,000,000 or less of your budget. Use your fantasy skills and knowledge to form a lineup mixed with studs and sleepers to give your team the edge!

New games will be available for each round of the men's NCAA Tournament. The roster requirements for the College Basketball Salary Cap game will be 1 Center, 2 Forwards, and 2 Guards. Scoring will use the standard Fantazzle scoring system found at the bottom of this page.

College Basketball Limited Lineup Game

Challenge Cap GamePut together the best possible fantasy basketball team by picking a player from Fantazzle's pre-determined player groups. These player groups are created from players who are similar in skills and play the same position. You'll be asked to select 1 Center, 2 Forwards and 2 Guards.

Fantazzle's College Basketball Limited Lineup Game will be played in round-by-round and daily formats. Cash is immediately deposited into the winning team's account once the final game is over in the fantasy basketball contest.

College Basketball Fantasy Basketball Scoring

We use the following scoring for all of our fantasy basketball games -

  • Points: 1 point each (ex - FGs are 2 pts, FTs are 1 pt, and 3 pointers are 3 pts.)
  • Rebounds: 1 point ( for both offensive and defensive rebounds)
  • Assists: 1 point
  • Steals: 2 points
  • Blocked Shots: 2 points

If you have any questions about our College Basketball fantasy basketball games or need additional info on the College Basketball Salary Cap game, check out those pages and/or send us an email. Also, check out the Fantasy Sports FAQ page for additional info about all of fantasy sports games and fantasy college basketball tournament games.

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