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The free College Basketball Bracket Game presented by Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games will offer the possibility of joining several free games and competing for several hundred dollars! Simply pick who you think will move on in each matchup all the way to NCAA Men's Championship game and compete for the overall prizes.

Contestants will receive points from each correctly chosen matchup; more points will be awarded for making correct selections further along in the bracket. The player who has the most points at the end of the contest wins!

Begin entering games now and modify on Selection Sunday after all the seeds and teams have been announced!

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College Basketball Bracket Game Details

To win the College Basketball Bracket Game, you must outscore all the other contestants by recording the most bracket points. You will receive points for every correct winner you have on your bracket.

Please note the following details for this game:

  • Prizes will be distributed to the winners at the contest's conclusion.
  • Be sure to select a winner for each bracket matchup or you will receive ZERO points for having an incomplete bracket entry.
  • You may modify your lineup anytime before the first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament begins.
  • Only one free entry allowed in each free bracket game. Anyone found with more than one entry and/or multiple accounts will be disqualified for all PAST AND PRESENT free game entries with all prizes won forfeited. Only two accounts allowed per household/IP address. You may contact Fantazzle PRIOR to the start of the College Basketball tournament if there are more accounts needed per household/IP Address. If there are any questionable account details/activity, Fantazzle will ask the player(s) to furnish proof like a photo copy of a picture ID. Fantazzle will make the final judgment if necessary and will do so fairly and openly.

For more details, game rules and information please visit the College Basketball Bracket Game Rules and Small Print page.

College Basketball Bracket Scoring

SCORING - Contestants will receive points for every correct selection. As the rounds move on, the amount of points received will increase.

Bracket Points - Bracket points will be determined by how many points have been accumulated in each round and then added up for the grand total of each bracket.

Scoring System:
1st round 64 teams: 1 point
2nd round 32 teams: 2 points
3rd round Sweet 16: 3 points
4th round Elite 8: 4 points
5th round Final Four: 5 points
6th round Championship: 10 points
**Winner will be determined by overall bracket points.


College Basketball Bracket Tie-breakers

If one or more contestants are tied at the end of a round, the following tie-breakers will be used to determine a winner. Seed points will be the number one tie-breaker so please keep this in mind.

Seed Points - Each team in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament receives a seed from 1 to 16. The number 1 seeds are the teams who are the better teams in the country with the 16 seeds being the lowest seeded. The winning team of a given matchup will receive seed points equal to that teams seed in the tournament. This will reward contestants who pick correct upsets as well as contestants who pick the most correct winning teams.

Tiebreaker for Round-by-Round prizes:

1. Current round seed points
2. Overall current bracket points
3. Overall current seed points
4. Previous round seed points (do each previous round until tiebreaker is broken)
5. Future overall tournament bracket points
(Fantazzle may split prizes at any time after tiebreaker #3.)

Tiebreakers for Overall:

1. Overall seed points
2. Previous rounds seed points; this will go round-by-round starting with the championship and working backwards.

Note: Fantazzle may split prizes after tiebreakers are used and there is still a tie.

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