Fantasy March Madness Bracket GameIt is easy to play the March Madness Fantasy Basketball Game presented by Steiner Sports:

1) Create Fantazzle account or sign in to your current account.
2) Enter into our free March Madness Bracket Game.
3) Quickly fill out the information box.
4) Pick the teams from each matchup who you think will advance to the next round.
5) Sit back and enjoy the world's most exciting tournament. Don't forget to come back after each tournament day to view the updated standings.

Fantazzle has created a set of rules to make sure the game is fair for all of our players. The following rules make the game enjoyable for all and keep the playing ground even. If Fantazzle sees a player abusing these rules, they will, unfortunately, not be eligible to win any prizes. Please read all of the rules below and enjoy the game!

  • In order to qualify for the March Madness Bracket Game presented by Steiner Sports, you must fill out all of the information that is requested from you on the registration page correctly. You MUST verify your email address!
  • All information that is shared when filling out your bracket will be shared with Steiner Sports.
  • Fantazzle's partner, Steiner Sports, will distribute prizes to the winners at the conclusion of the bracket contest.
  • If you do not fill out your information correctly Steiner Sports will have reason to believe that you are not eligible to receive the prizes listed.
  • Each user is only allowed one entry per person. Any user found to have more than one entry will have all of their entries automatically disqualified.
  • All winning teams, bracket points, and tie-breaker points will be heavily scrutinized before prizes are distributed. Any attempt of defrauding the game and its different components will result in disqualification and no prizes will be awarded. Final decision is at the sole discretion of Fantazzle.
  • We strongly advise you to stay well within the boundaries of the rules and if you have any questions about activities that may be considered questionable, you should contact Fantazzle before attempted. That will lessen the chances of any possible misunderstandings. We sincerely want the contestants of this game to have fun and be on an even playing field.
  • We are a USER-FIRST website meaning that we fully understand that our users are the most important facet of our business. We have created this game and all of our free games for users who follow the rules of the community to benefit and enjoy.
  • For further explanation and reasoning of why we must enforce the above, please visit our Fantasy Game Rules page.


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