Fantasy Football Games

Fantazzle offers unique and easy to play fantasy football games that can be played weekly, over the course of the season, and during the NFL Playoffs. We currently offer four Weekly – Fantasy Football Challenge, Fantasy Football Salary Cap, Fantasy Football Pick’em, and SuperStakes Sundays Fantasy Football, two Season Long games – Fantasy Football Challenge and Fantasy Football Salary Cap, and two fantasy football playoff games. As soon as the final football game has ended, Fantazzle deposits cash prizes into the winning team’s account.

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Football Games

Fantazzle is constantly creating new games for every season, along with ongoing fantasy promotions, such as our Ray Rice fantasy football game and our SuperStakes Sundays salary cap game. Fantazzle will also be providing leader boards and customer support for all of their fantasy football games, giving the user the best possible gaming experience they can have. Our fantasy football games will also afford all fantasy owners the luxury of having their choice of league size and format, whether it is Public or Private, while a customer call center will be provided for any game issues.

In the event of a tie in any of our fantasy football games, the fantasy team with the most total points wins the first tie-breaker. The second tie-breaker will go to the fantasy user with the most games played, while the third tie-breaker goes to the user with the most friends referred to Fantazzle.

Please keep in mind that Fantazzle allows multiple entries into several of our fantasy sports games. In order to make our members fully aware of these games, we will make a note on the play games for the particular game that is allowing multiple entries.


Fantasy Football Limited Lineup

Pick 2QBs/3RBs/3WRs/1TE/1DEF-ST that will score the most fantasy points.

Our Fantasy Football Limited Lineup game is available every week of the NFL season! Each user will be required to select 2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE and 1 DEF/ST from 10 pre-determined player groups. These groups will be comprised of the top-tier fantasy players from each position. Tally the most combined fantasy points and win cash prizes every week! It’s that simple.


Fantasy Football Salary Cap

Pick 2QBs/3RBs/3WRs/1TE/1DEF-ST that will score the most fantasy points staying under the cap.

Our Fantasy Football Salary Cap game is similar to the Football Challenge game, but with an added twist. You must choose a player for each roster spot, while staying under a fantasy salary cap of $1,000,000. This restriction forces each fantasy owner to do their research to find hidden gems or fantasy sleepers. Test your fantasy abilities in our Weekly Salary Cap games, or see if your roster can withstand the grind of the Season Long Salary Cap game!

If you forget to change your lineup in any given week, the roster you had setup the week before will be the roster that is used. However, you are always encouraged to check and/or change your lineup, in case of injures or bye weeks. This goes back to the advantage of picking your lineup each week and playing favorable matchups, as doing so is beneficial to your fantasy team each week, throughout the season.

As soon as the week prior has completed and all scores have been calculated, all lineups will be able to be adjusted. Be sure to check your fantasy roster each week, as prizes can change at any time. Stay up to date with your team, and don’t miss out on all of the opportunities Fantazzle has to offer!


Fantasy Football Pick’em

Pick the player that will score the most fantasy points for each game matchup.

Fantazzle’s Fantasy Football Pick’em game is a fresh and exclusive fantasy football game available only at Fantazzle, and can be played weekly. For each weekly football matchup, you need to create a roster of players who will score more fantasy points than their opposing player. The winner of the pro game does not matter, as the better fantasy player for each game is the winner in the Fantasy Pick’em game.


Fantasy Football Playoff Salary Cap

Just like our Weekly Fantasy Football Salary Cap game, our Fantasy Football Playoff Salary Cap game asks you to choose your entire fantasy roster while staying under a fantasy salary cap of $1,000,000. The main difference here is that this game is played during the NFL Playoffs, and is divided up into four separates weeks of fantasy football games.

If you don’t come out on top in the first round of our fantasy football playoffs, simply return for the second, third, or final round to select a roster and compete for cash prizes!


Fantasy Football Scoring

All of our fantasy football games use the same scoring system:


  • Touchdowns: 6 points
  • Passing yards: 1 point for every 30 yards
  • Rushing/Receiving yards: 1 point for every 10 yards
  • Two-point conversions: 2 points
  • Receptions: 1 point
  • Interceptions: -2 points
  • Fumbles Lost: -2 points

Defense/Special Teams:

  • Interceptions: 2 points
  • Fumble Recoveries: 2 points
  • Touchdowns: 6 points **Any time a defensive player or special teams player scores a TD, the DEF/ST gets 6 points**
  • Sacks: 1 point
  • Safety: 2 points
  • Kick Blocks: 2 points
  • Shutouts: 7 points