Fantasy Golf Games

Think you’ve got a grip on the PGA Tour? Then show off your fantasy golf skills in the Fantasy Golf Challenge Game.

Fantasy Golf Games will coordinate with the PGA Tournament schedule and usually start Thursday for the first round and end Sunday. At the end of the final round of each week’s tournament, the fantasy golf team with the most fantasy points will be awarded a cash prize. Simply pick the golfers you think will perform the best in a given week.

Each week features a free fantasy golf game offering a cash prize and an entry fee golf game.

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Fantasy Golf Games

Fantazzle currently offers the Fantasy Golf Challenge game with more to come during the PGA season. Play in our weekly fantasy golf games when you want and as many times as you want. There is no week to week commitment so you can play each week or only when you have the fantasy golf itch.

Fantasy Golf Pick’em Game


The fantasy golf pick’em game has predetermined matchups from the listed PGA tour event. Contestants must choose which golfer will score the most fantasy points or who will make it the furthest. Depending on the tournament at hand, we may use fantasy points or simply who makes it further (match play tournaments).


Fantasy Golf Challenge Game


Pick five golfers that will score the most fantasy points.

Choose the best performing golfers in any given week’s PGA Tournament. One golfer will be selected from each of 5 pools. It’s important to know which fantasy golf stud will perform well in certain tournaments, but it is equally important to have a deep knowledge of the tour to round out your roster.


Fantasy Golf Salary Cap Game


Pick five golfers that will score the most fantasy points while using $100,000

Use your $100 thousand fantasy budget to fill your lineup of five professional golfers. Choose wisely as the stars of the PGA Tour have a much higher salary than the middle and rest of the pack. Score the most fantasy points come the tournaments conclusion and you win the cash prize.


As with all Fantazzle fantasy sports games, there is no commitment so you can play whenever you want and select a new team each week you want to play.

Fantasy Golf Scoring

The Fantasy Golf Challenge and Salary Cap Games use a simple scoring system. You receive points based on the golfer’s final standings of the tournament. Points are not given for individual rounds. For our fantasy golf scoring see the Golf Challenge or Golf Salary Cap page.

Fantasy Golf Game Info

To register for Fantazzle’s fantasy golf games, you must submit your team before the start of round one in the PGA contest. After that, your roster is locked. Sit back and enjoy your fantasy game by watching live sco