Fantasy Golf Pick’em Game

Pick the golfers that will score the most fantasy points.

Choose the best performing golfers in any given week’s PGA Tournament. One golfer will be selected from each matchup. It’s important to know which fantasy golf stud will perform well in certain tournaments, it is also important to double check that the golfer you select is still in the tournament. We do our best to ensure this is not an issue but golfers tend to drop out without much notice.

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Our Fantasy Golf Pick’em game is the newest part of Fantazzle’s fantasy sports games lineup. The Golf Pick’em uses PGA tournaments to create a unique fantasy golf skill game. Use your PGA knowledge to pick golfers who will perform the best in each tournament. The fantasy golf game is a weekly contest that begins and ends with each tournament. You select which golfers will do the best and wait until the final hole is over. The fantasy team that chooses the best golfers, wins the game and the cash prize.

Fantasy Golf Pick’em Roster

Your fantasy golf roster will consist of a number of golfers selected from the predetermined matchup. Choose one golfer from each of Fantazzle’s matchups. That is the only requirement of the game. Pick the best golfers and you win!

Fantasy Golf Pick’em Scoring

Our Fantasy Golf Pick’em Game uses a simple scoring system. You receive points based on the golfer’s final standings of the tournament. Points are not given for individual rounds.


Pos Pts Pos Pts
1st 75 26th 25
2nd 49 27th 24
3rd 48 28th 23
4th 47 29th 22
5th 46 30th 21
6th 45 31th 20
7th 44 32th 19
8th 43 33th 18
9th 42 34th 17
10th 41 35th 16
11th 40 36th 15
12th 39 37th 14
13th 38 38th 13
14th 37 39th 12
15th 36 40th 11
16th 35 41th 10
17th 34 42th 9
18th 33 43th 8
19th 32 44th 7
20th 31 45th 6
21th 30 46th 5
22th 29 47th 4
23th 28 48th 3
24th 27 49th 2
25th 26 50th 1


Fantasy Golf Scoring Details

Points are awarded only for the final standings for the tournament. No points are awarded for individual rounds.

  • When golfers tie in the final standing, equal points are awarded to all golfers for the tied standing. For example, if 3 golfers tie for 2nd place, each golfer receives 49 points.
  • You can modify your golfers up until 5 minutes before the fantasy game starts. Once the tournament starts, changes cannot be made. No changes can be made from round to round including golfers that are cut.
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like. Please note, entries are cancelled if there are not 51% or more entries for a league. If this happens, your entry fee will be returned immediately.

You’ll receive an email from Fantazzle allowing you to view your final team and your opponent’s team on the page, Account -> -> Fantasy Golf. Fantazzle provides live stats for each golfer while the tournament is being played. As soon as the tournament is over, the cash prize is awarded to the best fantasy golf team.


Play Fantasy Golf

Step 1: Select the Fantasy Golf Game.

Step 2: Create your fantasy golf team selecting one PGA golfer from each matchup.

Step 3: Confirm your golfers (you can modify your fantasy golfers up until 5 min before the game starts).

Step 4: Enjoy the games! Follow your league’s scoring live from your account page.


Fantasy Golf Add’l Info

For detailed questions for the Fantasy Golf Challenge like “What happens if there is tie?” or “How are leagues created?”, visit our FAQ page or feel free to send an email.

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