Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap

Fantasy Hockey GamesFantazzle's Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap game is a daily and weekly fantasy game that starts with the first game of the stated timefrime. Unlike most fantasy hockey games, there is no season long commitment and you receive your cash prize immediately after your game ends. This unique fantasy hockey salary cap game allows you to pick who you want, as long as you stay at, or under, the salary cap.

You are given a $100,000 fantasy budget to create a fantasy hockey team that consists of 2 Goalies, 3 Centers, 3 Wingers, and 2 Defensemen. Enjoy our free live scoring and try the game out when we offer free fantasy hockey games with cash prizes!

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Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap Rules

Our fantasy hockey games start every day (or week), with the first game of the stated time-frame. The fantasy hockey game starts once the first puck drops in NHL games, and ends with the final whistle of the last NHL game of the day or week. As soon as the fantasy game begins you can log into your account and view your opponent's lineup and watch live scoring for free.

Remember to fill your roster with a mix of fantasy studs and sleepers, while staying under the fantasy budget of $100,000. Filter through the players to find the best sleepers and matchups to give you an extra edge against the competition!

Hockey roster requirements:

  • 2 Goalies
  • 3 Centers
  • 3 Wingers
  • 2 Defensemen

Each player, depending upon their skill level (or fantasy hockey skill level that is), has a salary and you must stay under $100,000 cap to create your team.

Fantasy Hockey Scoring

We use the following fantasy hockey scoring system -


Win (W): 5 points
Goal Against (GA): -1 point
Save (S): .2 points
Shutout (SO): 3 points

Centers, Wingers, and Defensemen

Goal (G): 3 points
Assist (A): 2 points
Plus/Minus (+/-): 1 point/-1 point
Power Play Goal (PPG): 1 bonus point (1pt in addition to 3 points for the Goal.)
Short-handed Goal (SHG): 2 bonus points (2pts in addition to 3 points for the Goal.)

Fantazzle offers free live scoring and uses Sports Data for hockey games official scoring.

Play Fantasy Hockey

Step 1: Select the fantasy hockey game, entry fee, and league size.

Step 2: Create your hockey team staying under the $100 thousand salary cap.

Step 3: Confirm your hockey players (you may modify your hockey team before the game starts).

Step 4: Enjoy the game while following the free live scoring feature.

Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap Add'l Info

You can play fantasy hockey every week or only when you want. You can also enter as many times as you would like each day and week. There are no limits to the amount of hockey teams you can create. If you have additional questions for our hockey games or any of our fantasy sports games, like "What happens if there is tie?" or "How did I deposit cash?", visit our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email. Fantazzle offers the best weekly fantasy hockey games online! Play fantasy hockey for cash prizes at the most unique fantasy sports game site online.


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