Fantazzle Fantasy Football Leaderboards

Fantasy Football Leaderboard

The fantasy football leaderboard is finally here for the members of our community. Now, not only can you see how you have been doing all on one page, you can also see how you stack up against the competition. While the leaderboard will surely make for added competitiveness between Fantazzle members, we will be adding a variety of prizes to different segments of the Leaderboard Contests. Be sure to check out the Leaderboard Page and our Game Promotions page for updates on prizes and various member rewards at Fantazzle.

As you can see we have three different stakes being rewarded with our Total Accumulated Fantazzle Points- Low Stakes, Regular Stakes and High Stakes. We figure out each members Total Accumulated Fantazzle Points by taking into consideration a variety of aspects.

Seasonal winners of our leaderboard will receive the following prizes:

  • High Stakes - $50
  • Medium Stakes - $25
  • Low Stakes - $10

Fantasy Football Games

2010 Fantasy Football Leaderboards

Rank Username Total
Rank Username Total
Rank Username Total

For further explanation of our Fantasy Leaderboard system please visit our Fantasy Football Leaderboard page.

**PLEASE NOTE: FREE games and private games are NOT part of the fantasy football Leaderboard. Also, winners in the high stakes are ineligible to win medium and/or low stakes. While the same goes for medium stakes winners winning low stakes.



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