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Refer Friend Contest How are you doing in Fantazzle's Refer Friends contest? Below are the Top 5 users who have referred friends during the contest period. Take a look and see how close you are to entering the Private Fantasy Football Challenge games or winning the $500 Bonus Prize! Remember, members who refer at least three friends are eligible to compete in Fantazzle's private, weekly fantasy football games in Week 11 with the winners taking home an additional $1,500 in prizes!

The standings below list the total points accumulated by each referrer in the top five as well as the amount of friends referred (who have confirmed their email addresses). Have you referred a friend but still don't see yourself in the rankings below? Make sure you confirm your email address and your friends do so as well in order to start earning points.

If you don't see your name on the leaderboard be sure to check your account page to see how many points you've earned to date. Check the "History" tab in your account page and scroll down to the bottom to see what your friends have done to help you earn points.

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Refer Friends Contest Leaderboard

Top 5 Ranking
Rank Username Points
1 BabyMama 54
2 coleT 52
3 myself 35
4 coachwbb 35
5 philtrocks 25
Top 5 Ranking
Rank Username Referred
1 myself 9
2 BamBamBigolo 6
3 Mrich 5
4 lookiehere 3
5 Jason10 3

Be sure to check out the Refer Friends Page to see how you can find yourself on this leaderboard.

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