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Fantasy poker is a niche sport that Fantazzle is committed to keep developing and be a pioneer in the space. Fantasy poker games are similar to fantasy sports games with the exception of using poker tournaments as the sporting event and poker players as the choices to create your fantasy team. In 2010, Fantazzle was one of the first (or THE first) fantasy games site to offer a fantasy game for poker using the World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event as the setting. In 2011, we plan to continue the WSOP fantasy game, but before that we are happy to announce a new tournament and a new fantasy poker game format to the ranks.

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Fantasy Poker Bracket Game

Fantazzle is starting the 2011 Fantasy Poker season with a fantasy poker bracket game developed for the 2011 National Heads Up Championship. This tournament shown on NBC and sponsored by will be held at Caesar’s Palace from March 4th to March 6th. Results will be known after it is over, but it won’t be officially aired until April. Don’t worry, all winners will receive their cash prizes for the fantasy poker games as soon as Sunday night.

Fantazzle is happy to announce a free game for the event with a small cash prize and several pay to play entry fee options where the real cash can be won. Enter anywhere from $5 to $500 to play against league sizes of 2 to 5 players. If you are new to the fantasy site, make sure to take full advantage of our first-time deposit bonus where you can receive up to $200 in FREE cash to use as entry fees in any fantasy sport game we offer from football to baseball to racing, we have the best daily fantasy game and weekly fantasy game options in the fantasy sports industry.

Fantasy Poker Bracket Game – National Heads Up Championship Poker Bracket
Free Fantasy Poker National Heads Up Game – unlimited entries with a $20 cash prize to the winner.
Entry fee Fantasy Poker National Heads Up Game – buy-ins range from $1 to $500 with league sizes from two players to ten players (as a special rate for this fantasy poker event we will be charging a VERY low game fee).

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How do you play fantasy poker? Or more specifically, how do you play the fantasy poker bracket game? It’s actually quite easy. If you have ever filled out a March Madness bracket, the game is the same because the National Heads Up Championship is the exact same format (with the exception of a best of three championship match) with only slight differences like random seeding. There are 64 players who will each be matched up in a 64 slot bracket. Each match will consist of a single elimination advancement for the winner of the No Limit heads up poker match. That will continue all the way to the championship. The only difference from March Madness bracket tournaments for NCAA basketball is that the championship is also single elimination to determine the champion. In the National Heads Up Championship, the champion will need to win the best-of-three to be crowned champ. It’s really that easy. Fill out your bracket based on the player you believe will advance and be rewarded with points for your fantasy team selections.

Fantasy Poker Bracket Game Scoring

Just like our upcoming March Madness bracket scoring system, we will use the same fantasy scoring here. For every selection you choose correctly, you will receive points. Points will vary in value by round giving more weight to the later rounds. The winner of the fantasy poker game will be the team that gets the most points for their fantasy picks. Here’s the point system:
Round 1 – 1 point
Round 2 – 2 points
Round 3 – 3 points
Round 4 – 4 points
Round 5 – 5 points
Championship – 10 points

Later rounds receive higher points for correct picks making them more important. Of course to get these later round picks right and higher points, you better get your early round picks correct so you have a chance to get those points!

National Heads Up Poker Championship

The 2011 National Heads Up Poker Championship bracket tournament sponsored by will be held at Caesar’s Palace and aired on NBC from April to May and is in its seventh year of operation. It has quickly become one of the most popular poker game tournaments in that time and most attribute that to the bracket game structure plus it was one of the first poker tournaments to be broadcast on a national network, NBC (ESPN which broadcasts the World Series of Poker is not considered a major network). While the bracket game structure is very similar to March Madness playoff brackets, some differences include the seeding being randomly drawn and the players are put into the four major segments of the brackets which are referred to as spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds bracket divisions. Advancement is single elimination until the championship where there is a best out of three determination used to crown the champion of the bracket and the National Heads Up Poker title. Past winners include Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Huck Seed, Phil Helmuth, Paul Wasicka, and Ted Forrest. Just like Fantazzle which is a skill game site which allows players entry to games with an entry fee, the National Heads Up Poker Championship acts the same where each poker player enters with their own money ($25,000) to compete for cash prizes. These players believe they have the right skills to win the game, the question is do you? Try out the fantasy skill game and use your knowledge of the participants to win your bracket and the bragging rights that naturally come with it! Enjoy this fantasy poker game and stick with Fantazzle as it continues to lead the fantasy games industry in innovative skill games for its players.