Fantasy Racing Games

Fantasy auto racing at its finest! Each week of the NASCAR season, Fantazzle offers race fans three game types for both the Sprint Cup AND Nationwide races! Plus we offer free live scoring that is updated every minute for the Sprint Cup races (Nationwide races may not have live scoring until our stats company starts providing the option).

All you have to do is select a team of five drivers that will perform well in that week’s race. At the conclusion of each race, the team that scores the most fantasy points wins the cash prize.

Fantazzle offers three segment games during the season, monthly games and of course our weekly fantasy NASCAR games in the following game formats: salary cap fantasy racing, fantasy racing challege game, and our unique fantasy pick’em racing game.

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Fantasy Racing Challenge Game


Pick 5 drivers that will score the most fantasy points.

Select one driver from five predetermined groups. Drivers score fantasy points based upon where they finish in the race and bonus points for leading laps. When the race is over, the team that scores the most points wins the cash prize for that game. Cash prizes are deposited to accounts immediately following the race.

Our Fantasy Racing Challenge Game is available in a season long game, a twelve race segment game and a weekly fantasy racing game format.


Fantasy Racing Salary Cap Game


Fantazzle is pleased to offer Fantasy Racing Salary Cap Games to its lineup of fantasy games. The rules are the same for the Challenge Racing Game, pick five drivers to fill your lineup, but instead of choosing one driver from each group, you can choose any five drivers you want as long as you stay under your $100,000 salary cap. The salary cap format makes picking a team challenging, but very rewarding when you win. All you have to do is score the most fantasy points in your league using the Sprint Cup scoring system. Fantasy racing salary cap games are available in season and twelve race segment durations plus the ever popular weekly fantasy racing game format.


Fantasy Racing Pick’em Game


New for 2011 fantasy racing is the Fantasy Racing Pick’em Game. The format is a bit different than most fantasy game formats you may be used to, but that’s what makes it a special and unique game here at Fantazzle. In the fantasy racing pick’em game, you will be asked 10 or more questions concerning the drivers for the race that week. Each question will consist of two drivers and you will be asked which driver you believe will finish higher. Pick a driver for each question and that will be your team for the week. It’s that easy! Enjoy the NASCAR Sprint Cup series like never before playing these fantasy games as you root for not only your favorite driver, but for your fantasy team as well.


Fantasy Racing Game Durations

New for 2011 fantasy racing games is the different game durations available for NASCAR players. We invented Fantazzle because we know a full season can sometimes be too long, but we also know that it’s a popular option so we are giving everyone the best of both worlds. In 2011 fantasy racing will be available with fantasy racing full season games, fantasy racing segment games, and weekly fantasy games, that allows no weekly commitment. Play fantasy racing in all formats or pick the one you like the most. Don’t worry, we will ALWAYS be here for NASCAR fans. We plan on making fantasy racing a BIG part of Fantazzle and, we won’t leave you high and dry.

Monthly Fantasy NASCAR Games – monthly games will start with the first race of each month and end with the last race during a calendar month. Your points will accrue for each race and you will be able to modify your lineup before each race.

Segment Fantasy Racing Games – if you’d rather play a longer game, but find it a little much to play a full NASCAR season, then our Segment games are perfect for you. There are three during the year and they are split relatively in equal thirds. You’ll know when they end when you register and how many weeks of fantasy racing you’ll have ahead of you!

Weekly racing games – Fantazzle offers weekly games every week of the season. Sign up anytime before the race and be crowned winner as soon as the checkered flag is waved. No week to week commitment – play fantasy racing games when YOU want to.

Fantasy Racing Scoring

The Fantasy Racing Challenge uses the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series scoring system. Each fantasy driver receives points based on where they finish in the race. In addition, each driver receives one bonus point if they lead one lap during the race, an additional point if they lead the most laps, and three points if they win the race.


Pos Pts Pos Pts
1st 43 23th 21
2nd 42 24th 20
3rd 41 25th 19
4th 40 26th 18
5th 39 27th 17
6th 38 28th 16
7th 37 29th 15
8th 36 30th 14
9th 35 31th 13
10th 34 32th 12
11th 33 33th 11
12th 32 34th 10
13th 31 35th 9
14th 30 36th 8
15th 29 37th 7
16th 28 38th 6
17th 27 39th 5
18th 26 40th 4
19th 25 41th 3
20th 24 42th 2
21th 23 43th 1
22th 22


1 bonus point for each driver who leads at least one lap.
1 bonus point to the driver who leads the most laps.
3 bonus points for the winner of the race.


Free Fantasy Racing Games

Fantazzle will be offering at least one free fantasy racing game for each week there is a Sprint Cup NASCAR race. Our free fantasy racing games may be in any one of our fantasy racing formats including: fantasy racing pick’em, fantasy racing challenge or fantasy racing salary cap.

Our free fantasy racing games are a great way to gain experience and practice prior to jumping into our entry fee games. If you are looking to get some experience before putting up your cash, these games are great for just that!

Free Promotional Fantasy Racing Games

Fantazzle’s free fantasy racing promotional games are for writers, bloggers, and site owners who are in the fantasy racing and/or NASCAR industries. While these games are going on we will be keeping standings and promoting the games via our social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and our Fantazzle Blog.

If you are interested in joining this game please email us at and we will respond with further details. You can also check out the Free Fantasy Racing Promotional Game page.

Fantasy Racing Game Info

To register for Fantazzle’s fantasy racing games, you must submit your team before the start of the week’s Sprint Cup Series Race. After that, your roster is locked. You can then sit back and enjoy your fantasy game by watching live scoring of your league – Account > Fantasy Racing Games page. For more information on the Fanta