Free Fantasy Racing Game

Free Fantasy Racing GameOur Free Fantasy Racing games test your skills in picking the best NASCAR drivers in each race. Fantazzle now offers fantasy NASCAR games for the NASCAR Spring Cup and Nationwide series.

You pick a fantasy lineup that you think will record the most fantasy racing points. The team that scores the most points wins the game and the cash prize. All cash prizes for weekly games are deposited immediately after the NASCAR race ends.

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There is at least one Free Fantasy Racing game every week during the Sprint Cup series season. Remember, there is no game to game commitment.

Free Fantasy Racing Formats

Fantazzle will be offering several free games during the fantasy racing season.

Each week Fantazzle may switch up which format it uses so be sure to remember that and look at the different game modules when it comes time to play.

The free fantasy racing Salary Cap Game asks you to choose five NASCAR drivers staying under the fantasy racing salary cap to create your fantasy team.

The free fantasy racing pick'em game will have you choose drivers from predetermined matchups of. Simply make the most correct selections in your league, and you win!

For the free fantasy racing challenge game you will need to select five drivers; one from each group of drivers. Once you have selected your team, you will need to score the most fantasy points in our fantasy racing scoring system.

Race Day

Fantasy racing games are open until the race starts. Once the race begins, your team is set. You'll receive an email from Fantazzle with your opponent's teams. Fantazzle provides updated fantasy stats during each race and as soon as the race ends, the cash prize is awarded to the game winner.

Play when you want with no weekly commitment. You can enter the game as many weeks as you'd like and multiple times each week (if there are multiple free games).


Play Free Fantasy Racing Game

Step 1: Select the Free Fantasy Racing Game on our fantasy games page.

Step 2: Create your fantasy auto racing team

Step 3: Confirm your drivers (you can modify your drivers up until the start of the fantasy game).

Step 4: Enjoy the fantasy game! Follow your league's updated scoring from the page: Account > Fantasy Racing Games.

Fantasy Racing Add'l Info

For additional questions on our Free Fantasy Racing games like "What happens if there is tie?" or "How are leagues created?", visit our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email.

Fantazzle offers the best fantasy NASCAR games online! Play fantasy racing salary cap games and win cash prizes at Fantazzle Fantasy Games.


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