Fantasy Racing Pick’em Game

Fantazzle is proud to offer its unique fantasy contest: the Fantasy Racing Pick’em game. It varies from most fantasy racing games available today on Fantazzle or any other website in that instead of creating a straight forward fantasy team consisting of drivers you choose from a pool, you are choosing drivers in a shootout or versus fashion. To play the Fantasy Racing Pick’em game all you have to do is create your fantasy team by answering a series of questions asking which of two drivers will finish first. It’s that easy.

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Fantasy Racing Pick’em Overview

Pick’em games can be found on the Play Fantasy Racing Games page a few days prior to the race. There are no season or segment racing pick’em games (of course, you can always play the fantasy racing salary cap and challenge game in these durations).

Each game will consist of ten questions where you, the player, must choose from two drivers. You will be asked:

Which of these two drivers will finish BEFORE the other? Driver A or Driver B.

Once you answer all questions, you will have just assembled your fantasy racing team for that race. Pretty easy eh? And quite entertaining as well.

The fantasy team who has the best team is the winner. To determine what team is the best, here is how the standings are compiled:

1. Count the number of selections you got correct (1 pt for each correct selection). If your driver finished BEFORE the other driver he was pitted against, you get 1 point. If the driver finished AFTER, you get 0 points. There are usually about ten possible points so if you got ten points that means your fantasy team consisted of perfect selections.

2. If there is a tie after the selections are counted, standings will be determined by the total fantasy points your team earned. Fantasy points are the points earned by the driver in our regular fantasy racing scoring system (see below). Whoever has the most total fantasy points will be crowned the winner.

3. If there is still a tie, cash prizes will be split evenly amongst the winners.

Always send in any comments/questions/concerns you have and we will answer your email ASAP.

Fantasy Racing Scoring

Remember, in Fantasy Racing Pick’em, the standings are first determined by who got the most correct selections from the ten matchups. If someone has more correct than all other teams, that player will be the winner. If there is a tie, the following standard fantasy racing scoring will be used as the tie-breaker.


Pos Pts Pos Pts
1st 43 23th 21
2nd 42 24th 20
3rd 41 25th 19
4th 40 26th 18
5th 39 27th 17
6th 38 28th 16
7th 37 29th 15
8th 36 30th 14
9th 35 31th 13
10th 34 32th 12
11th 33 33th 11
12th 32 34th 10
13th 31 35th 9
14th 30 36th 8
15th 29 37th 7
16th 28 38th 6
17th 27 39th 5
18th 26 40th 4
19th 25 41th 3
20th 24 42th 2
21th 23 43th 1
22th 22


1 bonus point for each driver who leads at least one lap.
1 bonus point to the driver who leads the most laps.
3 bonus points for the winner of the race.


Play Fantasy Racing Challenge Game

Step 1: Select the Fantasy Racing Challenge Game on our fantasy games page.

Step 2: Create your fantasy auto racing team by selecting one driver from each group.

Step 3: Confirm your drivers (you can modify your drivers up until the start of the fantasy game).

Step 4: Enjoy the fantasy game! Follow your league’s updated scoring from the page: Account > Fantasy Racing Games.

Free Fantasy Racing Games

Fantazzle will be offering at least one free fantasy racing game for each week there is a Sprint Cup NASCAR race. Our free fantasy racing games may be in any one of our fantasy racing formats including: fantasy racing pick’em, fantasy racing challenge or fantasy racing salary cap.

Our free fantasy racing games are a great way to gain experience and practice prior to jumping into our entry fee games. If you are looking to get some experience before putting up your cash, these games are great for just that!


Fantasy Racing Add’l Info

For additional questions on our Fantasy Racing Challenge game like “What happens if there is tie?” or “How are leagues created?”, visit our FAQ pageor feel free to send us an email.

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