World Cup Bracket Game Details

World Cup Bracket Game Details

Enjoy the 2010 World Cup in Fantazzle's new bracket game! Gain the upper hand and collect points by correctly selecting the winning teams throughout the month-long tournament. It's free to play. All you have to do is pick the top two teams to emerge from each of the eight groups. Then use your soccer knowledge to fill out the rest of your bracket and pick the winner of the world's most popular tournament. PLAY FOR FREE AND WIN A BIG CASH PRIZE.

Just like the NCAA basketball tournament bracket, fill out your bracket to win cash prizes!

The excitement of the March Madness bracket games comes to the World Cup. Just follow the rules and scoring, and fill out your entire World Cup bracket for a chance to win cash prizes. In the World Cup, there are 8 different groups with four teams each. Within each group, a round-robin tournament occurs. The top two teams from each group move onto the second round. To start your bracket, pick the two teams that you think will emerge out of their respective groups. You receive a point for each correct pick.

Once your field for the second round is set, use your soccer knowledge to fill out the remainder of the World Cup bracket.

Pick your teams to advance, analyze matchups, and come to a final conclusion for a tournament winner. Accrue points through each round, end with the most points, and win the game! Once the game is over, the winner will immediately be awarded their cash prize, just like all of Fantazzle's fantasy games.

World Cup Bracket Scoring

Our World Cup Bracket Game is similar to NCAA March Madness, allowing you to fill out your bracket and score points in each round of soccer action. Once your bracket is complete, follow the round-by round scoring:

ROUND POINTS (per correct pick)
Group Play (Rd 1) 1* Two teams will advance each Group has a chance of earning 2 points (16 total)
Sweet Sixteen (Rd 2) 2
Elite Eight (Rd 3) 4
Final Four (Rd 4) 8
Championship (Rd 5) 16
Refer Friends (Bonus pts) 1 Per friend that accepts invite and confirms their email (max of 100)

* The only high level difference between March Madness brackets and Fantasy 2010 World Cup Brackets Game is that in the 1st round each team plays every team in their group one time (3 games total). The team with the best record advances as the 1st place team and the 2nd best team advances as the 2nd place team (tie-breakers are goal difference - Goals For and Goals Against).



After filling out your bracket, start earning FanStock points, which are used to determine the winner in case of a tie.

In order to qualify for the World Cup game, you MUST activate and confirm your Fantazzle email before the game ends at July 11th. The friends you refer must do the same or you will not earn points for those referrals.

Tiebreaker Rules

To prevent a tie, Fantazzle has created a unique system to determine the winner. FanStock points will determine the winner in a tie. The tie-breaker points will be accumulated from June 1, 2010 to the end of the month long World Cup Tournament on July 11.

Fantazzle makes it easy to earn FanStock. Here are the ways you can earn tiebreaker points.

Play Games - Receive 10 tiebreaker points for any game fantasy game you play. There is no limit to how many games you can play, the more you play, the more opportunity you have to win in case of a tie.

Recurring and Unlimited Events - You will receive tiebreaker points for all the recurring FanStock points you receive during the World Cup. Go to Account->My Promos to look at the ways to earn these points.

Visit Fantazzle Daily - Receive points for just browsing the Fantazzle website daily.

Read the Fantazzle Blog - Visit and read our blog once a week to receive points.

If there is still a tie for any of our prizes, the winners will split the prizes equally.

World Cup Bracket Challenge Prize

Fantazzle will not only give cash prizes out to the Top 2 most accurate brackets but will also reward players who refer the most friends and earn the most FanStock tiebreaker points.

1st Place - $700

2nd Place - $150

Most Friend Referrals - $100 (and have confirmed email address)

Most FanStock Points - $50

All prizes will be immediately given to the winner after the completion of the tournament on July 11. Look at the Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Blog to see a list of the winners and a write up of the event!

World Cup Bracket Challenge Game Info

To register for Fantazzle's World Cup Fantasy Bracket Challenge Game, you must submit your team before the start of the World Cup tournament. You will be allowed to make changes to your bracket up until the first round starts, but after that your roster will be locked. You can then sit back and enjoy the great tournament. Standings will be updated nightly after each tournament day.

Be sure to visit all of our World Cup pages to get all the information you need.

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