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2010 World Cup Bracket Game

2010 World Cup Bracket Game

2010 FIFA World Cup
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How to Play Fantasy World Cup Game

It is easy to play Fantazzle's World Cup Bracket game

2010 World Cup Bracket Game 1) Create Fantazzle account or sign in to your current account.
2) Enter into our free World Cup Bracket Game.
3) Pick the two teams from each group (A-H) you think will advance to the Round of 16.
4) Make selections for the knockout rounds (2nd round, quarterfinals, semifinals, finals).
5) Refer Friends to earn points towards your bracket. Remember, you receive one point for each friend that signs up for Fantazzle. A great way to improve a poor bracket (max of 100 points).
6) Earn FanStock points to get the advantage in case of a tie.
7) Sit back and enjoy the world's most popular tournament. Don't forget to come back after each tournament day to view your updated point total.


World Cup Small Print

Fantazzle has created a set of rules to make sure the game is fair for all of our players. The following rules make the game enjoyable for all and keeps the playing ground even. If Fantazzle sees a player abusing these rules, they will not be eligible to win the cash prize. Abusing free contests is common for many people, but Fantazzle has set up a system to make sure none of our registrants are abusing the game. Please read all the rules below and enjoy the game!

  • In order to qualify for the World Cup game, you MUST activate and confirm your Fantazzle email before the game ends July 11th.
  • Each user is only allowed one entry per person. Any user found to have more than one entry will have all of their entries automatically disqualified. All winning teams, friend referrals, and tie-breaker points will be heavily scrutinized before prizes are distributed. Any attempt of defrauding the game and its different components will result in disqualification and no prizes will be awarded. Final decision is at the SOLE DISCRETION of Fantazzle.
  • Please don't manipulate or try to scam the system. You will be caught and you will be stripped of any prize you have won and your account closed. Just enjoy the game within the boundaries of the rules which are quite simple: One entry per person, refer REAL people, and most importantly have some fun with the game and opportunity to win prizes with absolutely no purchase necessary, and company 'scheming' to somehow screw you in the end (ie - those 'free deals' that you have to call and cancel after your 2 day 'trial period' has ended.). We do not do any of that garbage and in return, we hope you'll respect the rules we have put in place for everyone to have a good time.
  • FanStock can only be earned from FanStock exclusive World Cup events and Recurring and Unlimited FanStock opportunities. It does not apply to 1x events (this is because it would be unfair to users who have already filled out their profile and follow Twitter, etc).
  • You earn points for ALL games played including FREE games and we suggest you try to play as many free games as you can during (and after) the World Cup tie-breaker period.
  • In order to receive points for referring friends, they must create a Fantazzle account and activate and confirm their email address.
  • Only two friend referrals can come from your own household. You may have more than two household members who you want to refer (and we hope you still will!), but only two will be counted towards your World Cup overall standing points. The first thing we will look for is the use of the same IP address to enforce this and then we will look at several other security controls we have in place to verify.
  • Please use your Account 'Refer Friends' tools to receive credit for friend referrals. We have several different tools that help you refer friends including your very own unique URL. This must be used in order for you to receive friend referral credit. No manual requests will be accepted. Sorry / :
  • Disqualification is at the SOLE DISCRETION of Fantazzle. We strongly advise you to stay well within the boundaries of the rules and if you have any questions about activities that may be considered questionable, you should contact Fantazzle before attempted. That will lessen the chances of any possible misunderstandings. This is the only warning we can give you and we'll be happy to help guide you on any possible issues that could be misconstrued.
  • In order to win the Most Friend Referral prize, you must refer the most friends that have created an account AND confirmed their email address.
  • You can confirm your email by going into your account and clicking the activate email button (this is in your
    Account --> Overview, Email, and My Promos tabs). An email will be sent to you with a link that you need to click to verify the email.
  • In order to know which friends have joined/not joined Fantazzle and confirmed/did not confirm their email, go to your Account --> History page.
  • In order to receive one point for a friend referral, they must create an account AND confirm their email address. A maximum of 100 points can be earned.
  • We are a USER-FIRST website meaning that we fully understand that our users are the most important facet of our business. We have created this game and all of our free games for users who follow the rules of the community to benefit and enjoy. That said, we are very protective to make sure that our company and ultimately our users who follow the rules of the site, are not negatively impacted by a few bad apples. You are free to badmouth Fantazzle by telling your friends, posting messages, and other creative ways you think can hurt the company as much as you want if you believe we accused you unfairly of wrongdoing, but this bullet point is here for the 99% of individuals that will understand that everything we do is to protect our users and ensure that we can continue to create opportunities such as these in the future and they are not spoiled by that 1%.



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