March Madness


Fantasy College Basketball GameThe free March Madness Bracket Game presented by Steiner Sports will offer the possibility of winning after each round and will be giving away more than $3,000 in prizes! Simply pick who you think will move on in each matchup all the way to NCAA Men’s Championship game and compete for the overall and round-by-round prizes.

Contestants will receive points from each correctly chosen matchup; more points will be awarded for making correct selections further along in the bracket. The player who has the most points at the end of the contest wins!

Enter the game on Selection Sunday after all the seeds and teams have been announced!

All brackets must be submitted by 11AM ET on Thursday March 17th!

March Madness Bracket Scoring
Playing the March Madness Bracket game is very easy. All you need to do is pick the teams who you think will move on in the tournament and win each matchup. The points awarded for each correct selection by round are listed below.

Scoring System:
1st round 64 teams: 1 point.
2nd round 32 teams: 2 points.
3rd round Sweet 16: 3 points.
4th round Elite 8: 4 points.
5th round Final Four: 5 points.
6th round Championship: 10 points.
**Winner will be determined by overall bracket points.

In the event of a tie, Fantazzle will be using our unique seed points system. For further explanation of how tiebreakers will work please see our March Madness scoring page.

March Madness Bracket Game Details
To win the March Madness Bracket Game, you must outscore all the other contestants by recording the most bracket points. You will receive points for every correct winner you have on your bracket.

Please note the following details for this game:

Steiner Sports will be distributing the prizes to the winners at the contest’s conclusion.
Be sure to select a winner for each matchup in the bracket. You will not be able to receive points for the bracket points or seed points system if you fail to do so.
You may modify your lineup anytime before the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament begins.
Only one entry allowed per person. If you are found to have submitted more than one entry we will unfortunately have to disqualify you from the contest and you will no longer be eligible to win prizes.
For more details, game rules and information please visit the March Madness Bracket Game Rules and Small Print page.