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Total Accumulated Fantazzle Points

Our Total Accumulated Points system will measure each member of the Fantazzle community, as far as how well they do in each game and season. No matter if you play low or high stakes, your success will be tracked. The better you do, the better your chances of being listed on our leaderboard!

While members will receive points in a variety of ways, the biggest point earners will be those who play the most, and enter the largest entry fee games.

The larger the entry and league pool, the more points the winner(s) and contestants of the game receive.

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Low, Regular, & High Stakes Points

Fantazzle will have three different sections for it's fantasy football leaderboard in order to ensure that players who are playing higher entry fee games are being rewarded justly.

  • Low Stakes ($1-$10)
  • Regular Stakes ($11-74)
  • High Stakes ($75 & up)

Please Note: Bonus points are rewarded for playing the SuperStakes Contests.

  • SuperStakes Satellites & Mini SuperStakes Contests (25)
  • SuperStakes Sundays & SuperStakes Sundays Playoff Contest (50)


As you probably know by now, FanStock is Fantazzle's way of including and thanking the members of Fantazzle. So why not include FanStock in our leaderboards?

Players receive FanStock for: playing games, referring friends, signing in (or up), filling out account details, etc. For further details on how to receive FanStock, please visit Fantazzle's Game Promotions page.



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