SuperStakes Sundays Satellites

Sunday SuperStakes Satellites

The SuperStakes Sundays Satellites will operate just the same as a poker satellite, for those of you who have played in them before. If you have not played in a satellite gaming event before, a satellite game has a lower buy-in and its participants play for the chance of receiving a regular game entry. We will be holding three types of satellites for the possibility of receiving a SuperStakes Sundays entry.

  • $15/20 person leagues
  • $25/10 person leagues
  • $60/4 person leagues
  • FREE entry fees will be rewarded in a variety of ways (keep your eyes and ears open)

While we will be having different promotions throughout the SuperStakes Sundays event, we will be offering most of our FREE entries to our members who refer the most friends.

**Please note all satellite winners must use their entry for the following week or their entry is forfeited.

SuperStakes Sundays Satellites

A SuperStakes Sundays Satellite is meant to help our members enter the larger game for a discounted price. This is beneficial for those of our members who are low on funds or just simply don't wan't to pay to enter the main SuperStakes Sundays game. As mentioned, our satellites will work much like a poker satellite. Simply choose the entry fee and size of the league and then all you have to do is beat the competition to play for the big money next week.

Remember, winners of satellite games HAVE to use their entry for the SuperStakes Sundays game the following week. If you do not, the entry will be forfeited and unfortunately, at that point all your hard work would have been wasted. So please enter the SuperStakes Sundays event as soon as you receive your entry.

The $15 Satellite, will allow players to submit up to three entries for the same game. That said, we highly recommend using multiple lineups rather than just submitting the same one three times. This will ensure you have the best chance of winning as well as eliminating the chances that you are wasting your entry fees.


SuperStakes Sundays Satellites Scoring

All contests associated with the SuperStakes Sundays will use our Fantasy Football Salary Cap game format. Pick 2QBs/3RBs/3WRs/2TEs that you think will score the most fantasy points to complete your fantasy roster. You must select a player for each roster spot, while staying under a fantasy budget of $1 million. This rule makes fantasy football managers use their fantasy skills and knowledge to form a fantasy roster mixed with stars and sleepers each week.

All of our fantasy football games have the same scoring:

  • Touchdowns: 6 points
  • Passing yards: 1 point for every 30 yards
  • Rushing/Receiving yards: 1 point for every 10 yards
  • Two-point conversions: 2 points
  • Interceptions: -2 points
  • Fumbles Lost: -2 points



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