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Fantasy Poker GamesFantasy poker is a niche sport that Fantazzle is committed to keep developing and be a pioneer in the space. Fantasy poker games are similar to fantasy sports games with the exception of using poker tournaments as the sporting event and poker players as the choices to create your fantasy team. In 2010, Fantazzle was one of the first (or THE first) fantasy sports games site to offer a fantasy game for poker using the World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event as the setting. We are continuing to move forward with WSOP fantasy games and we will be using several of the familiar formats you are used to here at Fantazzle, as well as new and innovative formats.

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Fantasy Poker Bracket Game
Fantazzle has used the fantasy poker bracket game in the past for tournaments like the National Heads Up Championship. The bracket game allows you to choose from each matchup who you think will advance all the way up until the final matchup. Record the most correct fantasy points and you win.

Fantazzle was happy to announce a free game for the event with a small cash prize and several pay-to-play entry fee options where the real cash could be won. $5 to $500 entry fees were available to play against league sizes of 2 to 5 players.

If you are new to the fantasy site, make sure to take full advantage of our first-time deposit bonus where you can receive up to $200 in FREE cash to use as entry fees in any fantasy sport game we offer from football to baseball to racing, we have the best daily fantasy game and weekly fantasy game options in the fantasy sports industry.

Fantasy Poker Pick’em Game
The fantasy poker pick’em game requires that you choose the player who will last longer in the tournament from the predetermined matchups. Fantazzle will pit the best players in the world against one another and you must choose who you think will last longer.

If you correctly choose the player who lasts longer in the tournament, you receive a point. If you fail to choose the correct player, you receive zero points. At the end of the tournament, if you made more correct selections in the fantasy poker last longer contest, you win!

Fantasy Poker Challenge Game
The fantasy poker challenge game will require that you submit a lineup of nine poker players. You must choose one player from each of the nine predetermined groups available. Points will be awarded to the poker players who survive each day. If you select Phil Hellmuth and he survives day one, you receive points for surviving. If Hellmuth goes on to survive day two, you receive the points for day two as well. If Hellmuth does not survive past day three, you would only receive the points from days one and two.

Scoring for the WSOP challenge games will be updated as often as possible. Sometimes this may be difficult given the delay in receiving the day’s survivors and not being able to receive live stats from the tournament. We will do our best to update scoring as soon as we receive the stats ourselves.

Fantasy Poker Games Scoring
Fantazzle’s Fantasy Poker Games will have different scoring methods depending on which format is available and you decide to enter. Be sure to check each game page to understand the scoring formats within each game.

NOTE: Scoring is updated as often as possible. Given the television restrictions and other issues with getting stats and updates from the tournaments, stats may not be updated at the normal rate. NO GAME IS FINAL UNTIL THE TOURNAMENT IS OFFICIALLY OVER.

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