The Perfect Pick’em Promotion

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is a fantasy sports promotion that gives players bonus cash on top of the cash prize for winning a game. Best of all, there is no extra cost or registration to qualify. All you have to do is play a Pick’em game in any sport like you normally would and if you pick a perfect fantasy team you win bonus cash up to $1,000 PLUS the game’s cash prize of course! Our Pick’em game is an innovative twist on daily fantasy games not available anywhere else and the Perfect Pick’em Promo is another free cash promo brought to you by Fantazzle.

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The Perfect Pick’em Promotion – How to Play

Playing The Perfect Pick’em Game is the same as playing any Pick’em fantasy game. You select your fantasy team by selecting a player from each matchup that you believe will score more fantasy points than the other player (example – Roy Halladay vs. Jamie Moyer). Your final roster will consist of one player from every matchup created (there are usually around 12 matchups). If you choose the right player from every matchup, you have created a Perfect Pick’em and are eligible to win part of the $1,000 in bonus cash (there are four $250 individual prizes throughout the contest). Make sure you stay up to date through email and the Fantazzle Fantasy Sports blog for any additions to the promotion.


The Perfect Pick’em Promotion Prizes

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is an ongoing promotion where the following fantasy sports are eligible – Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Racing, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Football. If we decide to include The Perfect Pick’em Promotion for any other sports or special game types, it will be noted. The Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Blog will be the place with the best fantasy promo information for any additions or modifications for promos. $1,000 in cash prizes will be awarded where the first four people who achieve The Perfect Pick’em (see FAQ below) are awarded $250 each in bonus cash. If the last $250 prize is awarded on a day where there are multiple entries that achieve The Perfect Pick’em then prizes will be split.


The Perfect Pick’em Promotion FAQ

The Perfect Pick’em Promotion is meant to award the players who not only play our pick’em games but are the best of the best when it comes to the pick’em game type. Please make sure that you follow these guidelines and requirements:

  • In order to win a Perfect Pick’em bonus you must play a Pick’em game with an entry fee of $5.50 or higher.
  • You must get all selections correct; if a matchup ends in a tie, the promo will be voided (of course winners still receive cash prizes if they win their league).
  • If there are two or more matchups with a player that has been scratched, injured or does not play (benched for any reason), the promo is voided (again, winners still receive cash prizes if they win).
  • You must have made a deposit on Fantazzle to be eligible. You may enter with FanStock or bonus cash and still be eligible as long as a past deposit was made.
  • There will be four prizes awarded in $250 increments. If there is a tie, prizes will be split up accordingly. The promo could end in a week or in a year. It all depends on when there are four qualified entries who have a Perfect Pick’em team.
  • All prizes are awarded in FanStock and are subject to our promotional rules and requirements.
  • Only one prize can be won per person in each individual game; If you play more than one entry only one will be awarded as a Perfect Pick’em within that game.

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Additional Information for Fantasy Sports Promotions

For additional questions on The Perfect Pick’em game, visit our FAQ page or feel free to please send us an email.

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