Fantasy Hockey Games

Play fantasy hockey at Fantazzle like never before with our new daily Fantasy Hockey Challenge game, and our weekly Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap game. Fantazzle’s fantasy hockey games are played daily for any day with three or more NHL games, and weekly starting on Monday and ending Sunday every week during the NHL hockey season. There are no fantasy lineup changes or player adds. Just select your team, submit, and you’re ready to go! You’ll receive an email when the game starts with your opponent’s teams. At the end of the week, the team with the most points wins the cash prize!

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Fantasy Hockey Games

Both daily and weekly fantasy hockey games are now available at Fantazzle. You choose the game, entry fee, league size and your team, and we do the rest, including free live scoring during all games. Fantazzle will also offer free fantasy hockey games for in a variety of games throughout the season. Our free fantasy games award cash prizes, so why not give it a shot!


Fantasy Limited Lineup Game

In our Fantasy Hockey Limited Lineup game, you choose 2 Goalies (G), 3 Centers (C), 3 Wingers (W), and 2 Defensemen (D). Each selection you make will come from a predetermined group of players. The player groupings are based upon their fantasy scoring and potential. Select the best possible lineup of fantasy hockey players for your fantasy roster, and sit back and enjoy the games each day!

All of Fantazzle’s fantasy hockey games operate with the same exact scoring and roster settings. The Fantasy Hockey Limited Lineup game is run every day there are at least 7 NHL games on the schedule.


Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap Game


For our Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap game, you choose 2 Goalies (G), 3 Centers (C), 3 Wingers (W), and 2 Defensemen (D). Each fantasy hockey player has a salary depending upon his talents and value, and your team must stay at, or under, the $100,000 salary cap. Your players are awarded points for all games played during the state time frame The fantasy team with the most points at the end of the game wins the cash prize.

Cash prizes are awarded IMMEDIATELY at the end of the game. No need to wait until the end of the hockey season!

Our Fantasy Hockey Salary Cap game runs every day there are 2 or more games. There is no season or game to game commitment. You only play when you want and the one time entry fee is the only cost to play.


Fantasy Hockey Scoring

We use the following scoring for our hockey salary cap game –


Win (W): 5 points
Goal Against (GA): -1 point
Save (S): .2 points
Shutout (SO): 3 points

Centers, Wingers, and Defensemen

Goal (G): 3 points
Assist (A): 2 points
Plus/Minus (+/-): 1 point/-1 point
Power Play Goal (PPG): 1 bonus point (1pt in addition to 3 points for the Goal.)
Short-handed Goal (SHG): 2 bonus points (2pts in addition to 3 points for the Goal.)