Limited Unlimited Games

Limited & Unlimited Field Fantasy Games
Limited & Unlimited Field Fantasy Games
Fantazzle will be offering several games throughout different fantasy sport seasons that will offer various prizes. We have offered our SuperStakes Contests that have had limited fields with a different payout structure than what we typically offer.

During the fantasy football playoffs Fantazzle offered several different leagues including: $11, $50, & $100 entry fee limited field leagues. Also, we decided to play around with the league sizes a little and came up with a few unlimited entry leagues for the fantasy football playoffs. For further explanation and understanding of these leagues please read below.

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Limited Field Fantasy Games
SuperStakes Sundays Contest
Some of you may have participated in our Mini SuperStakes or SuperStakes Sundays contests where we offered entry fees ranging from $11 all the way to $200. These fantasy games had larger league sizes than you will typically see on Fantazzle, however, they were limited in size. For instance, our Weekend Mini SuperStakes Fantasy Basketball contests only allow up to 50 participants.

Unlimited Field Fantasy Games
SuperStakes Sundays Contest
Brand new for our 2010 fantasy football playoff games we introduced our unlimited field fantasy football games. With the popularity of these games, we thought why hold our community members back and prevent some from entering these exciting games? Well, we couldn’t come up with a reason so we made some unlimited entry games.

Unlimited and Limited Leagues Prizes Calculator


Please Note: Certain games may payout more than what is shown here. We will never pay out less than what you see calculated above.

Limited and Unlimited Field Small Print
Many limited and unlimited entry games will include a ticket to the following week’s game with the prize money for the winners.
As many as 10 entries will be allowed into the same game for certain contests. Please read the text under the game you are entering.
Certain limited fields will have multiple groups; we will do our best to group the entries the best way possible for our members.
Please submit your lineups accordingly with keeping in mind that your entries may be in the same group. Example: you will want to have different lineups if you have 10 entries in the same group.
Tickets to the following week’s game MUST BE USED FOR THAT WEEK. Your ticket will be voided if not used in the proper time frame.