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FantaStock Promotions
Fantazzle has developed an innovative promotional program for our fantasy community called FantaStock. FantaStock combines promotions (like free games for cash prizes) with the creation of a great fantasy sports community.
How to earn FantaStock
Earning FantaStock is simple. All you have to do is play and participate at Fantazzle like normal. In addition, if you help us grow our fantasy sports community, we will reward you even more!
Here are some of the ways you can earn FantaStock:
• Create an account
• Deposit funds to your account
• Get your friends to sign up
• More to come!

For detailed information on FantaStock, see our FantaStock page.

Once you have earned FantaStock, you can use it for entry fees to register in Fantazzle’s fantasy games. Also, every time you earn FantaStock, you earn votes for shaping Fantazzle.
FantaStock Voting
Each share of FantaStock you have earned (lifetime shares) is equal to one vote for our voting polls. The more FantaStock you earn, the more votes you hold!

This benefit helps create a close community at Fantazzle where our loyal players are able to give direction for the company and help shape it. We’ll run the day to day operations, but let our players give direction on our games, interface, content and other areas that make Fantazzle the leading company in innovative fantasy sports skill games!

For more information on FantaStock, see our FantaStock page.

For any questions or comments you may have on FantaStock or any other fantasy sports promotions, please send us an email.

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